Hamilton Enjoying 'favourite Battle' In F1


Hamilton regained his status as No 1 last year having lost his title to the now-retired Nico Rosberg in 2016.

The competition is expected to be as strong as ever with some suggesting Ferrari and Red Bull will force a three-way battle this season.


But Hamilton insists losing races, and titles, is all essential to a driver’s progression and has helped developed him into the relentless winner he is now.

“I always like to prove people wrong and thankfully, I still have this quality with me today,” he added. “Maybe it has come to me from my dad. 

“I was able to get in there and change things and make myself to what I am today. This season is going to be no different.

“Losing is part of the process. You are nothing if you have not gone through the entire journey that constitutes winning and losing. 

“And until you get through that rough patch, you will never know how to enjoy your success. 

“Each year I still have the same set of skills, but it is my hunger for excellence that makes me what I am.”

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Source : https://www.express.co.uk/sport/f1-autosport/933321/Lewis-Hamilton-Formula-One-2018-season

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