How To Market Your Podcast Online


Gone are the days when broadcast radio and television were the only means marketers used to reach out to their audiences. Today, podcasting has gradually developed into a new platform for storytelling.

An average user spends more than 20 minutes in listening to a podcast. This is one of the most influential motives to incorporate podcasting as part of your content marketing approach. It gives you the prospect of developing a deep relationship with your main audience.


Here are a few stats to illustrate the importance of podcasting:

• Around 32 million individuals listened to a podcast in the last month

• More than a quarter of podcast listeners consume more than six podcasts every week

• 6 percent of US citizens above 12 listened exclusively to online radio in the past week.

• Around 22 percent of the podcast audience enjoys video podcasts while audio podcast listeners constitute 27 percent

• 44 percent of smartphone users have listened to an online radio; 18 percent listen every day while 29 percent have used iPod or MP3 players to enjoy a podcast in their cars

• People reportedly spend 12 hours per week on average with all sources of online radio which also includes podcasts

Pros of including podcasts to your content marketing strategy

If you still haven’t started using podcasting for your marketing plans, here’s why you should give it a try:

1. Engaging the audience:

Podcasts, in particular, audio podcasts, are easy to access and consume. In fact, around 14 percent users listen to podcasts while they are at work and by 25 percent of the listeners while commuting.

Hence, podcasting allows brands to convey their message without forcing the consumers to abandon whatever they are doing just to listen to their podcast. This ease and simplicity encourage more and more people to become avid listeners and boosts visitors’ loyalty to your site where you publish your podcasts and eventually to your brand.

2. Develop brand recognition

Another benefit of using podcasting is that it offers consistent long-form content that keeps individuals connected with your company.

Once you distribute your podcast on iTunes and Stitcher, a large number of consumers can listen to it for free. And, how does it benefit you? Well, it helps you receive organic traffic, which eventually increases your reach and widens your customer base.

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