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At the top of this episode, podcast host and FHB editor Justin Fink skips his usual intro so that he can boast about how great this show is. Which it is, sure, but come on, a little humility? Then Brian talked trash about some poor guy who was trying to give construction advice on a morning radio shock-jock show. Seems that the radio hosts kept interrupting the guy, so the advice was not top-notch. That proves we’re the best home building podcast out there, somehow, and relatedly, Brian was in a band once. Enjoy!

Also, the guys talk about a ringtone that show producer Jeff once made. That’ll get posted here some time, once your humble show notes compiler gets the audio file and figures out how to link it online.

Then Rob reins things in and brings the episode back to the >nuts and bolts

of the podcast. There’s a passionate discussion of fine carpentry and hand planes. Justin’s advice, based on his own misadventures: don’t skimp on shoddy hand tools.

The first listener question, from John, concerns condensation in his attic. Brian explains that probably existing water vapor in the attic is condensing on cold nails; it is probably not a leaky roof. One likely solution is to find and fix sources of wet air, such as a bath vent fan or an air leak from the living area or from the hatch or door into the attic or from can lights. The guys also talk about how to air-seal attics, especially around the chimney, the entry door/hatch, and ducts.

The second question, from Sandra, is about the overwhelming options for fasteners these days. The guys really dive into the nitty gritty on this topic, beyond the ability of your humble show notes compiler to summarize. Go take a listen, if you have not already!

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