Is America’s Future For Race Relations Houston Or Charlottesville?


Amid all the sad stories, Harvey has fostered multi-generational, multi-ethnic reconciliation—hammer by hammer, and wheelbarrow by wheelbarrow.

By Jeremy Neill | The Federalist

Meyerland, a Houston housing community not far from my university, was one of the most beautiful places in America last week. Not, of course, because a horrific onslaught of water had inundated its yards, houses, and majestic oaks. That was the terrible, and not the beautiful part. The rains came down, and the floods came up, and the parking lot of the Meyerland shopping center sloshed back and forth like a treacherous inland sea.

No, what made Meyerland so beautiful this last week was the way the people were helping each other, regardless of race or ethnicity. The hurricane was relentless. But the rescuers and boats were relentless, too. Every few minutes the water would rise. And every few minutes, the rescuers would put out more boats, find families waist-deep in water in their living rooms, and return them to dry land.

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Is America's Future for Race Relations Houston or Charlottesville?
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