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It wouldn't be a year in gaming without the annual Call of Duty release blessing the fall launch schedule. The last title we got was a non-Black Ops game, which means we're due for another from the talented team over at Treyarch.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is poised to build on the previous game by implementing changes inspired by fan feedback and introducing some interesting new game modes that'll change your expectation of what a Call of Duty experience is supposed to be. Here's everything you need to know.


What is Call of Duty: Black Ops 4?

This is the latest game in the Call of Duty series, and, specifically, the fifth such game made by Treyarch, the studio which got its start with Call of Duty: World at War and exclusively made Black Ops games ever since.

Black Ops games have never followed traditional Call of Duty standards in terms of story. They're set in a dystopian-like universe that explores alternate realities. One of the games even straddled the line of supernatural, with Black Ops 3's events all taking place inside someone's head.

While the original Black Ops game was set in a period during the Cold War, subsequent titles have gone for a more futuristic setting so as to introduce interesting new gameplay mechanics.

Is there a story mode?

Earlier Black Ops games featured original stories, but Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will not. In fact, this will be the first ever Call of Duty game that doesn't have a single-player campaign.

It was originally rumored that Treyarch had started on a campaign for the game, but scrapped it during development as it wouldn't be finished in time. We later learned that this wasn't the case, and it was instead a conscious decision by the team to focus their time on multiplayer as a majority of players don't finish the single-player campaigns in Call of Duty games.

If you love a good single-player campaign and nothing more, it's wise to skip this one. But Treyarch has mentioned that this isn't necessarily the start of a trend and that single-player campaigns can and will return to future Call of Duty titles.

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Call of Duty Black Ops 4: Everything you need to know
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