Is Cold Calling Effective? What You Should Know.

steak flickr richard morossA steak is best kept simple — as long as it's cooked properly.Flickr/Richard MorossEveryone has a signature dish they whip out when they're trying to impress — whether it's beans on toast or a gourmet beef wellington with all trimmings.

Once you've got a catalogue of tried and tested favourites, you're set up for every culinary occasion — without the stress of hoping the recipe you chose on a whim turns out as planned.

Business Insider asked some of the UK's highest-profile head chefs — with 13 Michelin stars between them — which dishes everyone should be able to whip up by the time their 20s are over.

The list includes recipes that accommodate every level of experience in the kitchen — from simple sauces to show-stopping desserts.

Scroll on to discover 30 dishes everyone should know how to make by the time they turn 30, according to the UK's leading head chefs.

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30 dishes everyone should know how to make before they turn 30, according to Michelin-starred and industry-leading head chefs
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