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wood watches reviewHere’s my JORD wood watches review to show you why I love mine so much! Ok, so I have two of them…this is my newest wood watch I got during the holidays that is slightly different from my first one but continue to get compliment after compliment on it everywhere I go. “Is that a wood watch” or “what kind of watch is that..that’s so cool” I hear all the time. They are my favorite!! Special thanks goes out to JORD for sponsoring this post so I could share why I love this accessory so much. 😉

As a special perk I also have a coupon code AND a giveaway too below!!

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wood watch review

So this is it! The one I chose this time has the date which is great because I am constantly forgetting…and a second hand below as you can see here too. My teenager is jealous…I think I’m going to have to get one for her this year and put it under the tree. 😉 If you’ve never tried on a JORD wood watch they are actually really comfortable and THEY size it for you before it even arrives on your doorstep!!

You just print out the sizing strip – ruler – at home, wrap it around your wrist, input the size when you order your favorite style, and it comes right to you fitting absolutely perfectly!

wood watches review

My husband has one of the men’s JORD wood watches too and he loves it too, got this one for him for Father’s Day…perfect gift for that or Christmas of course! If you’re looking for a unique, beautiful, and timeless gift I’d highly recommend a wood watch like this one, or JORD has a large selection online too. 

Ladies Wood Watch

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JORD Wood Watches Review + $100 Off
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