JUUK Ligero Band Turns Apple Watch Sport Into A Premium Watch (Review)

Apple is not seeking permission to sell return iPhones in India, Apple has permission to sell refurb iPhones in India. The deal was sealed about a year ago when the Indian Prime Minister met with Cook in SFRAN. India wanted Apple to manufacture in India. They got a refurb facility that will process about 10 million iPhone 6s in its first year. As the Indian economy grows (its growing faster than China) refurb volume will accelerate. After India comes Indonesia, Kampuchea, Myanmar, Laos, Africa, former Soviet States (including Eastern Europe) and Central/South America.

This is a very smart program, for every refurb unit sold for US$449 (US$50 – US$75 profit each) Apple sold the latest new iPhone for US$649 minimum (US$370 profit minimum). Nobody has the brand loyalty, premium cache as does Apple. Nobody cab refurb cheap ass plastic/last years technology handsets, discount the 30+% and make a profit. And the trade-in program won’t hit its stride until the December quarter of 2017.


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Source : http://macdailynews.com/2016/03/04/apple-seeks-permission-to-import-and-sell-pre-owned-iphones-in-india/

Apple seeks permission to import and sell pre-owned iPhones in India
El Ojo del Lago / August 2016