JUUK Ligero Band Turns Apple Watch Sport Into A Premium Watch (Review)

How’s that not the specs for a great phone?

Processor – I’ve been using a 5S for about a year, and have yet to experience “slow” with its processor. The only speed limits that are at all perceptible when using my phone is the network speed and my own reaction speed. And this A9 processor is even faster than that! That sounds like a great processor!

You really need an A10 processor? That doesn’t even exist yet! How can you already need it! This phone doesn’t even have an extra large screen requiring more processor power, or an extra large battery space to feed that extra power consumption – so going “overkill” with processor power hardly seems like a smart / necessary / useful / or would even make any positive change to the phone experience.

Plastic case – Really, guys? With a protective case around it, it doesn’t matter if it’s plastic or aluminum underneath. And because that usually makes all difference between being able to survive a fall and breaking on impact, it’s stupid not to put a case around.

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Source : http://macdailynews.com/2015/03/26/if-apple-makes-a-next-gen-4-inch-iphone-they-should-do-it-right-not-make-it-a-second-class-device/

If Apple makes a next-gen 4-inch iPhone, they should do it right, not make it a second class device
El Ojo del Lago / August 2016