Judge Affirms Park Eviction

"The lessees were sent a series of letters with regard to their departure," Sundvold wrote. "They were clearly not surprised that their leases were expiring at the end of the year."

Gerald Kline, the attorney representing the residents, said he will file a petition this week for a writ of mandate, asking for a hearing that could vacate Sundvold's ruling.

"This case isn't over," he said, although he called the ruling "an unmitigated disaster" for his clients.

"Judge Sundvold is a gentleman, but ... there's no question in my mind that he's completely on the side of the state," Kline said.

For many residents, their lawsuit -- and a pending federal suit saying removal of the mobile homes would harm the environment -- is the last chance to keep their homes on 32 coastal acres along El Moro Canyon.

But state officials say it's time to open up the park to the public, especially when the state can't keep up with the demand for beachfront campgrounds.

"For us," said state parks spokesman Roy Stearns, "I think [the ruling] further confirms that we have followed procedures properly -- chapter, line and verse -- all throughout this process, going all the way back until 1979."

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Source : http://articles.latimes.com/2004/dec/21/local/me-elmorro21

Judge Affirms Park Eviction
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