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East Jefferson real estate transfers for May 11-17, 2018

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Colonial Club Drive 205: Jennet M. Galliano to David M. Dubourg and Mary M. Dubourg, $266,500.

Franklin Ave. 738: Glen D. Wood to Woodys Property Management LLC, donation, no value stated.

Generes Drive 1949: Karen Glaser to Jordan A. Miller, donation, no value stated.

Kenmore Drive 537: Charles W. Hickenbotham and Helen L. H. Rockenbaugh to Judith H. Pajares, $105,000.


Canton St. 732: Warren J. Ostarly

Sr. to Rene S. Ostarly and Randall D. Ostarly, $210,000.

Dodge Ave. 673: Diane S. Delaney to Meghan H. Audler and Christoper A. Audler, $388,000.

Labarre Road 608: Reachel M. Mayeaur to Elizabeth Houck and Oliver A. Houck, $200,000.

Labarre Road 629: Pedro G. Galeas to 629 Labarre LLC, $150,000.

Rio Vista 709: Rio Vista Homes Inc. to Shane Bohrer, $514,900.

San Carlos Ave. 6: Clarence L. Tyson, Patricia G. Tyson, and Zachary J. Tyson to Kyle R. Berner and Ashley W. Berner, $272,000.

Santa Ana Ave. 19: David M. Brayden and Meredith Brayden to Daniel Marquez and Stephanie Calecas, $207,250.

Ware Ave. 4444: Abner Tritt to Mary A. Joyner, donation, no value stated.


Arizona Ave. 4013: Kimberly A. Stevens to Michelle Horvath and Julia Grice-Gradney, donation, no value stated.

Chateau Mouton Drive 82: Victoria Rohm and Michael W. Rohm to Omar M. Salha, $395,000.

Clemson Drive 125: Jacob Kadinger to Yolanda M. P. Lopez, $82,500.

Clemson Drive 236-238: Raymond C. Blancher Jr. and Rebecca R. Blancher to Hanh Tran, $158,000.

Cycas St. 195: Patrick E. Starnes to John V. Melan and Jamie Melan, $145,000.

Emerson Drive 309: Mazant Realty Group LLC to Mohammad Karimipour and Sarah K. Karimipour, $293,000.

Highway Park subdivision, lot 32, square 249: Andrew M. Percle to Margaret B. Spallino and Albert Spallino Jr., $215,000.

Huntsville St. 3037-3039: Rosa J. Nunez to David Salom, $159,000.

Iowa Ave. 2209: Trinh Vo LLC to Chia E. S. Chen and Yu S. Chu, $175,900.

Jasper St. 2718-2720: Carrie A. Knox to Tahir M. Cheema and Shazia T. Cheema, $148,500.

John Hopkins Drive 121: Travis L. Morgan to 121 John Hopkins LLC, $70,000.

Kentucky Ave. 3036: Federal National Mortgage Association to Zachary Davis, $183,000.

Roosevelt Blvd. 2627: Rowell & Associates LLC to Jaime D. Hernandez, $87,000.

Tulane Drive 259: John A. Laborde to Wilcis G. Flores, $200,000.

Vouray Drive 900: Ligia Valle to Joaquin R. Valle and Ligia Valle, donation, no value stated.


Argonne St. 4917: Mary A. Baird to Jessica Richard and Matthew B. Richard, $295,000.

Avron Blvd. 4804: Kendra M. Heintzen and Chris T. Heintzen to Johlee Odinet and Kyle S. Odinet, $378,000.

Beverly Garden Drive 636: Marilyn A. Breaux to Ashley G. Lastrapes and Paul P. Lastrapes III, $380,000.

Bissonet Drive 3818: Donald C. Fisk to Daniel R. Munoz and Gladys Lardizabal, $67,500.

Bordeaux Ave. 100: Raspanti Properties LLC to Philip J. Raspanti and Kristin F. Raspanti, $327,600.

Butterbut Ave. 1909: Justin M. Olwell to Mary L. Ollie and Robert F. Ollie, $400,000.

Christopher Court 1308: Christopher J. Lopinto to Laine M. Culotta and Reid L. Rabalais, $231,000.

Glenwood Drive 250-252: Kenneth E. Gootee and Kathleen T. Gootee to Miller Building Company LLC, $420,000.

Green Acres Road 4308: Colleen Finley to Kimberly M. Phillips, $215,000.

Greenmount Drive 460-462: Holli Berger and Kolmon Berger to Jean Michel, $280,000.

Hammond Highway 420 U203: William J. Scott III and Sherry B. Scott to Chynna M. Anderson, $220,000.

Hector Ave. 401: George D. Fagan and Andrea D. Fagan to Jay E. Trusheim Jr. and Christin H. Trusheim, $901,250.

Henican Place 4200: Leda St. Paul to Raymond J. Smith III and Melissa K. Smith, $205,000.

Jean St. 6016: William J. Deckwa Jr. and Doris Deckwa to Blair E. Beninate, $165,000.

Judith St. 2225: Jason P. Foote and Melissa L. Foote to Ronald P. Oliver Jr. and Catherine B. Oliver, $291,000.

Lake Ave. 320: Jefferson Financial Federal Credit Union to Jacqueline P. Mathews Management Trust, $299,900.

Linwood Ave. 1104: Bulliung Properties LLC to Andrew D. Hancher and Elizabeth B. Hancher, $300,000.

Lorino St. 4708: Ru H. Ye to Colin C. Cisco, $247,800.

Lynnette Drive 904: Bradley J. Lips and Lee E. Lips to Sarah B. Dore and Brodie Dore, $190,000.

Metairie Court 2000: Navita R. Gupta and Jacob L. Breaux to Faye M. Mascarenas and Graham Thomas, $340,000.

Metairie Lawn Drive 512: Jeffrey J. Becker to PWS Properties LLC, $240,000.

Metairie Lawn Drive 712: Shane Bohrer to Amber M. Johnston and Eli V. Todich, $249,000.

Meuse St. 4813: Tara Smith to Brittany M. Hebert and Kenneth J. Hebert, $270,000.

Morales St. 4401: Darleen Winchester and James E. Winchester to Clay C. Adams, $235,000.

N. Hullen St. 1220: Kim R. Nicosia and Wayne F. Nicosia to Travis C. Thiel, $135,000.

Naploi Drive 4409: Edward J. Rivera and Anne G. D. Rivera to Jiao Liu and Yuwen Li, $330,000.

Napoli Drive 4008: Federal National Mortgage Association to Kayla Ricks, $179,725.

North Labarre Road 3208: Merryell R. Burbach and John R. Burbach to Arthur P. Raymond and Mary W. Raymond, $535,000.

North Pierce Ave. 304: Eltop LLC to Albert P. Dantoni III and Sara Dantoni, $160,000.

North Woodlawn Ave. 3501: David R. Zimmer and Raynel C. Zimmer to Kelly M. Christiansen and Christopher E. Trahant, $275,000.

Satsuma Ave. 1700: Ana R. K. Mallett and Lisa A. K. Williams to Courtney A. Eshleman and Brad A. Dupuy, $190,000.

Stanford Ave. 1621: Mark S. Asprodites to Ingrid R. R. Lajuj, $230,000.

Summit St. 2120: Denise D. Anderson to Aubrey L. Anderson, donation, no value stated.

Taft Park 3320 UA: Carolyn J. Bartholomew to David R. Zimmer and Christopher Zimmer, $162,000.

Transcontinental Drive 2021: Paternostro Bros Partership to Ministerio Apostolico Avance Misionero New Orleans, $240,000.

Transcontinental Drive 3912: Joshua C. Brady to Benjamin D. Ladouceur, $210,000.

Varden Ave. 2727: Laura Lebon to Mary Long and Timothy R. Long, $286,000.

Wade Drive 5017: Marilyn Blanchard to Uriel A. Durr and Elizabeth Durr, $173,000.

Zinnia Ave. 708: Thomas H. Szubinski to Teddy O. Goodwin, $122,000.


Dante Court 9413: Daniel C. Wagner to TT Leasing LLC, $177,780.

Hester Ave. 505: Chris G. Waltz Jr. and Angela Waltz to Jeffery C. Fuhrman and Sarah E. Fuhrman, $254,000.

Kinder Lane 5: Beatrice Yager to Michael O. Babin Jr. and Anne L. Babin, $100.

Midway Drive 131: Lisa A. D. Janssen to Martin E. Dunn III and Melissa H. Dunn, $100,000.

Rural Ave. 412: Madeline R. Cangemillo and David P. Roddy Jr. to Eric J. Roddy, donation, no value stated.

South Bengal Road 627: Sinia White to 627 Bengal Road Trust, $59,000.

Tullulah Ave. 713: Yvette Benedetto to Allison M. Scurria and Andrew W. Larkin, $330,000.

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East Jefferson real estate transfers for May 11-17, 2018
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