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Card game based on 'exploding kittens' premise becomes a sensation

  • It received almost $2million in Kickstarter funding in less than two days


  • Players take turns drawing cards from a deck until defeated by kitten card

  • Other cards deflect the exploding kitten or allow you to look at the deck

  • Players become addicted due to rising stakes at game's completion

  • By Corey Charlton for MailOnline

    Published: 10:37 EDT, 21 January 2015 | Updated: 12:20 EDT, 21 January 2015


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    Source : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2920109/Russian-Roulette-style-card-game-playing-deck-featuring-exploding-kittens-hair-weaponized-enchiladas-receives-2million-Kickstarter-funding-days.html

    Russian Roulette-style card game with deck featuring exploding kittens, back hair and weaponized enchiladas receives almost $2MILLION in Kickstarter funding within days
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