LUCCA M58 By Quick Mill, Reviews And Owners Thread

I went with the filter/softener system from Clive Coffee ... ystem.html

You may not require a softener. You should determine the ppm with the included water hardness test strips included with the unit. You can also buy them here: ... detailpage which have the appropriate ppm range.

Note that the owners manual does not discuss the recommended in-line water pressure anywhere. You must go to "For tips on plumbing in espresso machines: click here" at the middle of the Lucca M58 product screen which takes you to this PDF ... achine.pdf. Here I learned that the recommended water pressure to the machine should be 25 psi or potentially void the warranty. I found out from my plumber that our incoming municipal water pressure is 60-65 psi. Hence I installed a pressure regulator which is set at 25 psi.

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