Leica M10 Real World Sample Gallery

Robert, I have no doubt that a number of well know photographers have Leica M in their arsenal, most likely along with other brands as well. My point is more on the pricing strategy. I still think Leica positions itself as a niche luxury brand with low volume high price strategy. High quality is definitely there, but it is not 3-4 times better than any other full frame camera. In fact, I was looking at the photo stream on Leica website and got tired really quickly from the same old over-blown-everything look of most photos. So if the output is not 3-4 times better than the output from less expensive alternatives, why people buy it? My answer is that prestige and emotional satisfaction play bigger role than the actual output. Kind of like why people buy big trucks to drive to downtown to work in the office. Human psychology and behavior is not alway rational. And this is why Leica cameras still exists today IMO. And that's pure marketing. I will do more research as you suggested though

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Source : https://www.dpreview.com/samples/8184134507/leica-m10-real-world-sample-gallery

Leica M10 real-world sample gallery
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