Leica M10 Real World Sample Gallery

We view the *stereotypical* hipster as a dim-witted dilettante who recklessly prizes speed and convenience above all other virtues and freedoms. We attribute the nauseating, grossly over-inflated importance of the half-baked ideas about everyone and everything which *hipsters* so fervently and so tiresomely spout to a false and warped justification grounded solely and specifically by the timely and fortuitous coincidence of their simple births, a concurrent explosion of new technologies, and the resultant easy and unprecedented surge in wealth it bestowed. Technology, which should be said, was in fact germinated by a brilliance which shone most brightly several generations before them. Because of "hipster recklessness" we fear history will now, despite all past lessons, have to repeat itself with disastrous consequences for millions.


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Source : https://www.dpreview.com/samples/2915435716/gallery-fujifilm-x-e3-samples-photos

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