Let Us Not Relax; Fight Against HIV


Packets of contraceptives. opinion By Denis Birungi

As the fight against HIV/Aids continues both on the national and international platforms, it should be emphasised that the most effective approach is one which is strategically collective and broad-based. Government and other actors should on top of providing HIV/Aids-related services, address the root causes as well. The individual should also take a more active role because he or she is the end target.


A comprehensive approach requires a concerted effort by all actors. At an individual level, pregnant mothers should embrace antenatal care and have deliveries in a hospital.

For those not infected, they should abstain or use condom and remain safe. Those who are infected should seek treatment and also avoid spread the disease. At institutional level, there should be provision of leadership as well as strategic regulatory and policy measures.

The enactment of the HIV/Aids and Prevention and Control Act of 2014, is a step in the right direction. Section 24 of the Act describes broadly State obligations in the fight against HIV, including providing adequate funding for HIV programmes and developing a national health plan and strategy for fighting HIV. If effectively implemented, the law will achieve a lot.

The campaign against HIV/Aids has achieved tangible progress and we should, while celebrating this development, intensify our effort, evaluate our approach and fill the remaining gaps to achieve an HIV/Aids-free generation.

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