Lewis Hamilton’s Battle With Sebastian Vettel Cannot Become A Soap Opera, Says F1 Boss Chase Carey


Lewis Hamilton won the British Grand Prix with one of the most comfortable races of his career and, astonishingly, drew within a point of Sebastian Vettel, who suffered a technical issue on the penultimate lap.

Starting from pole, the Hertfordshire-born driver was never in any kind of threat and duly won his home race for a fifth time, equalling the record of British GP triumphs held by Jim Clark and Alain Prost.


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What an afternoon for Lewis Hamilton!

Could it have gone much better for the Brit? A Vettel retirement maybe, but even so has taken a huge chunk out of the German's championship lead to trail by just one point.

Here are how the final race standings look. That's all from me here. Thanks for following and remember to check the >homepage

for all the post-match fallout.


Massive drama on the final laps as Hamilton cuts Vettel's championship lead to one point#BritishGP 🇬🇧 pic.twitter.com/LAQ8wfDW4b

— Formula 1 (@F1) July 16, 2017


Vettel got back to the pits and he came out in seventh. He still leads the championship but it's only by one point.

Lewis Hamilton claims the chequered flag to win the British Grand Prix

LAP 50/51: Now Vettel has a puncture! - and this one is more severe! That IS good news for Hamilton as Silverstone erupts!

This could be enough to give Hamilton the overall championship lead. What an afternoon for the Brit.


LAP 49/51: DRAMA! Raikkonen has a puncture! That's actually not good news for Hamilton (even if it is for Mercedes) as although Bottas now goes to second, it also means Vettel will gain a few more points by finishing third.

Kimi pits and comes out in fourth.


LAP 48/51: Not all the action is over. Red Bull are convinced Ricciardo will catch Hulkenberg for sixth...


LAP 47/51: As for Hamilton, he is heading for a fourth straight win at the circuit having led every lap. It's been a very easy race for the Brit who has never looked troubled.


LAP 46/51: Can Bottas pass Raikkonen? It's a big ask but Raikkonen is given a fright when his pit board put up the wrong timing sectors - leading to a rather angry rant from the Finn. I think the Ferrari driver just about has second covered though.


LAP 45/51: And Vettel really is struggling now. The German claims over the radio his tyres have been blistering for 20 laps, and Red Bull smell blood. Verstappen has been given the call to keep pushing by his team and he is only nine seconds behind.


LAP 44/51: Huge cheers from the Silverstone crowd as Bottas passes Vettel at the second attempt into Stowe. This time there is no fight from the German and that will provide a huge boost for Hamilton in the championship.


LAP 43/51: And it does! Bottas dives down the inside of Stowe but through locking his wheel, Vettel JUST about stays in front at the end of the lap. The crowd are loving it, with this set to benefit Hamilton.

Vettel looks like a sitting duck though.

LAP 43/51: Has James Bond's pal Q added a special button to VET's steering wheel?#BritishGP 🇬🇧 pic.twitter.com/0FZhnkCJ6K

— Formula 1 (@F1) July 16, 2017

LAP 42/51: Bottas is closing in rapidly on Vettel now. This could get tasty...


LAP 41/51: Ten laps to go and the battle coming to the boil is for third. Bottas is less than two seconds behind Vettel and that looks like being our main eventas we approach the end of the race.


LAP 40/51: Although Magnussen has now pitted which rather neuters that battle. Meanwhile Hamilton's 'blistered' Mercedes has just toured the circuit half-a-second quicker than Raikkonen.


LAP 39/51: Spare a thought for the Force India pit wall. It's Canada all over again with Perez stuck behind Ocon who in turn cannot pass a car in front of them.

Perez will be wanting a chance to pass Magnussen, but he isn't getting it and they are losing time in the process. Now Williams' Felipe Massa is homing in from 10th spot.


LAP 38/51: It's just as well Hamilton has a massive advantage because he isn't happy with his car, complaining of blisters over the radio.

Certainly no sign of it affecting his lap times as he still leads Raikkonen by 12 seconds.


LAP 37/51: More interestingly, Vettel isn't making much of an impression on Raikkonen. Sitting third he is still four seconds behind his Ferrari team-mate

Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton drives past home fans as he leads at Silverstone

LAP 36/51: Hamilton's Sunday stroll has seen him take a 12 second lead over Raikkonen as Ricciardo now dives down the inside of Magnussen heading into Copse. Brilliant from the Australian.


LAP 35/51: Superb driving from Daniel Ricciardo who forces his way past the two Force India drivers inside one lap to climb into eighth. Next up, Magnussen.


LAP 34/51: Anyone got the 'Alonso Honda failure klaxon? Another power unit failure it looks like for the Spaniard who is out of the British Grand Prix after parking in the garage.


LAP 33/51: Ricciardo also ditches his soft tyres from sixth and he comes out just behind the Force India battle in tenth. The trio are all trying to pas Magnussen.


LAP 32/51: Bottas pits from second for a set of super softs. No problems in the stop but he comes out a few seconds behind the Ferraris and also the lapped cars of Dannil Kvyat and Pascal Wehrlein.


LAP 31/51: Where are McLaren you say? Well, Vandoorne's 12th and Fernando Alonso is 14th. Yet another long afternoon beckons for the Woking oufit.


LAP 30/51: Completing the top 10 after Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull are Hulkenberg, Kevin Magnussen, Esteban Ocon and Sergio Perez.


LAP 29/51: Vettel hasn't really closed in on Raikkonen with the gap between them about four seconds.

The German is 14 seconds behind Bottas, who needs another four to be able to pit and come out in front of the world championship leader.


LAP 28/51: More concerns for Raikkonen, who is complaining of something loose near the pedals - the last thing you want while driving a Formula One car before you hit a brake pedal.


LAP 27/51: It's like Noah's ark in the top six now With Mercedes, leading Ferrari and Red Bull now that Daniel Riciardo is climbed to sixth behind his team-mate Max Verstappen


LAP 26/51: Hamilton also pits for a set of soft tyres and is in and out in no time at all. It's just as well though too because he only just clears Bottas, who of course has still yet to stop.

LAP 26: Box. Box. Box#LH44 pits from the lead!! #BritishGP #F1 pic.twitter.com/W7C1UtUX2e

— Mercedes-AMG F1 (@MercedesAMGF1) July 16, 2017

LAP 25/51: Raikkonen, whose lap times were struggling, pits and comes out third - five seconds ahead of Vettel.

Will we have a 'Kimi, Sebastian is faster than you' moment in classic Ferrari style?


Looking good for @LewisHamilton #BritishGP 🇬🇧 pic.twitter.com/hrsLPs2ZO9

— Formula 1 (@F1) July 16, 2017

LAP 24/51: Third place Bottas now sets the fastest lap as he becomes the Mercedes closer to Raikkonen by breaking the 10-second barrier gap.

Vettel is 16 seconds behind the Mercedes driver.


LAP 23/51: Speaking of flying Mercedes, Hamilton sets a new fastest lap to take his lead to 10 seconds over Raikkonen.

Sebastian Vettel pitted to help him get past Max Verstappen on the following lap

LAP 22/51: Vettel looks for another overtake into Stowe but there is little resistance from Hulkenberg who knows his battles lie elsewhere as Vettel moves up into fourth behind Bottas - who is flying on the soft tyres having set the fastest first sector of the race.


LAP 21/51: Meanwhile Hamilton turns the wick up and pulls out a lead of eight seconds over Raikkonen. Providing there are no big game changers (like rain or mechanical gremlins), this race is all but won for the Brit.


LAP 20/51: Advantage Ferrari. Verstappen looks to cover Vettel by pitting on the next lap but it's a sloppy stop due to a problematic wheel nut and it allows the Ferrari driver to pass the Red Bull driver for third.


LAP 19/51: Vettel gives up trying to pass Verstappen, he now puts on the soft tyres after pitting before coming out in front of the two Force India drivers but a few seconds behind the Renault of Hulkenberg.

Daniil Kvyat, facing the wrong way is passed by Fernando Alonso and Pascal Wehrlein

LAP 18/51: Brilliant defensive driving from Verstappen, Vettel has caught him again at Stowe but he just can't get a line into and out the corner to pass the Dutchman.

Vettel's argument is that the Red Bull driver is moving under the braking. Apparantly there are a few spots of rain in the air...


LAP 17/51: Pain and no gain for Vettel who is now 15 seconds behind Hamilton. Raikkonen is four seconds behind the race leader but has started to lap quicker than the Mercedes driver.


LAP 16/51: Error from an oversteer puts a brief halt to the Vettel/Verstappen scrap but despite their complaints that was terrific stuff to see and the fans trackside agreed as huge cheers greeted the wheel-to-wheel action.


LAP 15/51: And as the two continue to scrap and lose time, look who is coming into view. Bottas is homing in on the Ferrari and Red Bull drivers.


LAP 14/51: Drama! Vettel dives down the inside of Verstappen into Stowe and looks like he has got the job done. Verstappen flexes his muscles though to keep his foot on it and closes the door going ito the next corner.

Verstappen claims 'he wants to play bumper cars' Vettel just gestures with his hand. 

LAP 14/51

📻VER: "I think he [VET] wants to play bumper cars"#BritishGP 🇬🇧 pic.twitter.com/atGoT8BpvK

— Formula 1 (@F1) July 16, 2017

LAP 13/51: Another fastest lap for Hamilton who now leads Raikkonen by 3.5 seconds. I'm convinced he could go even quicker, with the Brit now extending an advantage to over 10 seconds over Vettel in fourth.


LAP 12/51: Ricciardo has finally managed to get past Alonso for 13th but it's better news elsewhere for McLaren, as Stoffel Vandoorne resides in ninth.


LAP 11/51: An update on the Bottas charge. The Mercedes driver who started ninth has now passed Nico Hulkenberg's Renault to take fifth.


LAP 10/51: For the record the gap between Hamilton and fourth place Vettel is around eight seconds, as Raikkonen also slips to 2.5 seconds behind the race leader. A perfect afternoon for Mercedes so far.


LAP 9/51: Ricciardo is starting to make his way up the pack again but now he is stuck behind Fernando Alonso's 13th place for McLaren.

Meanwhile Kvyat's afternoon is getting worse as he is given a drive through penalty for rejoining the track unsafely after his collision with Sainz. He will serve that immediately. 

LAP 8/51

Sauber garage = 😮🙈#BritishGP 🇬🇧 pic.twitter.com/psvRgnjXw8

— Formula 1 (@F1) July 16, 2017

LAP 8/51: Vettel meanwhile is stuck behind Verstappen, who is already three seconds behind Raikkonen. The world championship leader is in the DRS zone of the Red Bull driver but cannot find a way past.

Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton leads from Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen at the British Grand Prix

LAP 7/51: Not a great day for team-mates. Now the Sauber drivers are at war as Marcus Ericcson complanis over the radio as he battles Wehrelin for 16th.


LAP 6/51: This could be another Sunday stroll around Silverstone for Hamilton as he already gets out the DRS zone from Raikkonen.

Meanwhile Valtteri Bottas clears Esteban Ocon to move up to sixth.

Neither of the top two are happy though. Raikkonen is complaining of hesitation, while Hamilton's concern are over 'deregs' - which relate to a power issue. No visible signs of them yet for the Brit though looking at his lap times. He is the quickest car out there.


LAP 5/51: No drams on the restarts under the safety car (Vettel managing not to drive into anyone) as Hamilton begins to build a lead over Raikkonen already.

Daniel Ricciardo by the way, who started 19th, is already up to 12th...

...but wait the Australian runs wide at Woodcote and is now back down to 18th.


LAP 4/51: Kvyat has since pitted to put him last of the 18 runners, while Pascal Wehrlein has pitted twice, once to put on the super soft tyre and another to get rid of it again ensuring he has made his mandatory stop to use two compounds. The safety car is in this lap.


LAP 3/51: Big headaches down at Toro Rosso then. Kvyat for the record blames Sainz for the crash, claiming he was driven into.

For my money the Russian is to blame as Sainz's car is cleared of the circuit.


SAI and teammate KVY collide at Becketts

The Spaniard's race is over#BritishGP 🇬🇧 pic.twitter.com/t6NM7boAVb

— Formula 1 (@F1) July 16, 2017


LAP 2/51: Out goes Carlos Sainz, in front of Becketts. He was taken out by his team-mate Daniil Kvyat with the Spaniard saying over the radio 'Tell Danny he did a good job' Ouch.

Either way it has brought out the safety car.

Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari car was smoking on the grid before the race


LAP 1/51: Great start from Lewis Hamilton who leads into turn one from Kimi Raikkonen.

Max Verstappen gets past Sebastian Vettel, whose brakes appeared to be on fire according to Verstappen on the radio.

Valtteri Bottas is already up to seventh.


And that has led to an aborted start

Sensible call, Palmer's car is stricken on the grass next to the Hanger straight - one of the fastest parts of the track.

It will be cleared soon enough but it leads to another formation lap.


The drivers are away on the formation lap...

Here are what tyres the drivers will start on. Keep an eye on Bottas who is starting on the harder but more durable soft tyre that is roughly 0.3 seconds a lap slower.

And Jolyon Palmer's race in front of his home crowd is already over! The Brit's Renault has suffered a hydraulic failure and parks up trackside.


So what is Bottas doing down in ninth when he qualified fourth

Well it's time to bring you up to date on the penalties.

Bottas's gearbox change on Friday dropped him five places on the grid, while Ricciardo also had a gearbox change that sees the Red Bull driver start on the back row.

Fernando Alonso is anchored to the back of the grid following his multiple engine parts change resulting in a 30-grid penalty.


From Sportsmail's Joe Downes at Silverstone

'With Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas starting ninth, Lewis Hamilton will have to do it all on his own today if he’s to claim that record-equalling fifth British Grand Prix win.

'Even if he retains his lead at the start, if the Ferraris can stay in touch they can try the undercut and overcut options at the pit-stops with Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel.'


Brundle will not feature for the rest of the afternoon on TV

Once again let's hope he is ok. He was due to be presented with a trophy by Ross Brawn to mark his 20 years of the grid walk.

Unfortunately Martin Brundle has taken unwell & is in the medical centre. Ross Brawn did have a trophy to mark 20 years of #MartinsGridWalk pic.twitter.com/547hwlHMsF

— Sky Sports F1 🏎 (@SkySportsF1) July 16, 2017

Drivers and world champion Nico Rosberg observe the national anthem

And time... for the 🇬🇧 national anthem!

Now this is one we know!! 😜#BritishGP 🇬🇧 @F1 pic.twitter.com/xAWuMBQxio

— Mercedes-AMG F1 (@MercedesAMGF1) July 16, 2017

From 1992 world champion Nigel Mansell on Twitter

Enjoy the race ,weather looking stable but you never know,possible rain showers.Should be advantage Lewis today. All good wishes to Martin

— Nigel Mansell CBE (@nigelmansell) July 16, 2017

From Sportsmail's Joe Downes at Silverstone

'Overcast and breezy in the Silverstone paddock. There is a chance of a shower but it looks like being a dry race. That’s not what Red Bull or McLaren are after, with Daniel Ricciardo and Fernando Alonso looking for quick gains from the back row.'

'Lee Westwood, Jason and Laura Kenny, Kyle Edmund and Nico Rosberg are among the sports stars at Silverstone today.

'Clearly undeterred by his Wimbledon gaffe on Friday when he flouted the Royal Box dress code by going sockless, the latter’s ankles are on display once again.'

Nico Rosberg (left) chats to his former Mercedes chief Niki Lauda in the pitlane

Concerning news coming from the paddock

TV pundit Martin Brundle has been taken ill and it's enough to force the former Formula One driver off air and to the circuit's medical centre. Let's hope he is ok.


It's not quite Judgement Day in the Formula One title race

But you wouldn't think it down in the paddock where there are robots on display.

I say robots, they look more like something out the Terminator franchise to me. If ever there was a time we could do with Arnold Schwarzenegger on race day....

Fans in the Silverstone paddock look on as a robot demonstration is shown

> Lost Grand Prix tracks - Brands Hatch: From Jack Brabham's 100 bottles of champagne to Alain Prost's maiden title, Sportsmail looks back at the British GP's previous home in our picture special

Silverstone has had its fair share of ups and downs over the years - enough to leave serious doubts over the future of the British Grand Prix, and not just in the present day.

But as the venue prepares to celebrate 30 uninterrupted years of hosting British motor racing's No 1 race, it's worth remembering the that for two decades before, Brands Hatch alternated with Silverstone in holding Formula One in Britain.

Sportsmail looks back at the track's picture archives.

>Read more here


As usual, there is a large amount of support for Hamilton

And that's despite his >no-show at the London event

earlier this week. A few fans have also brought reminders for Sebastian Vettel not to drive into Hamilton following their coming together in Azerbaijan.

Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton greets fans prior to the 2017 British Grand Prix at Silverstone Supporters show their support for Hamilton while casting Vettel as the pantomime villain

> Silverstone diary: Jacques Villeneuve barred from Williams motorhome while competition winners sleep between cars in the team's garage

>Here is more

from JOE DOWNES on the stories up and down the paddock including why Williams have barred their last world champion from their motorhome.

Imagine waking up in the @WilliamsRacing garage at Silverstone on race day

Two lucky competition winners did just that today#BritishGP 🇬🇧 pic.twitter.com/ZMo5d30EiF

— Formula 1 (@F1) July 16, 2017

Meanwhile, at the motorhome, we're thinking it's too late for breakfast but too early for lunch. Solution: brunch. pic.twitter.com/9gYTxgasYy

— Pirelli Motorsport (@pirellisport) July 16, 2017

> QUALIFYING REPORT: Lewis Hamilton storms to British Grand Prix pole position... after being cleared of blocking Romain Grosjean

JOE DOWNES: Lewis Hamilton remains on course for a fourth consecutive British Grand Prix win after claiming pole position at Silverstone.

Hamilton took the 67th pole of his career - one behind Michael Schumacher's record - with a scintillating display in front of an expectant home crowd.

His 1:26.600 was more than two seconds quicker than the lap record he set here 12 months ago.

>Read more here

Lewis Hamilton took pole position for the British Grand Prix at Silverstone

Ten teams but there are 11 garages this weekened

So who is the 11th for? The computer animated film 'Cars' has its own spot this weekend in the Silverstone paddock as the stars of the film including Owen Wilson lineup alongside F1 chiefs Ross Brawn and Chase Carey.

Woody Harrelson (centre) and Owen Wilson pose for photographs inside the Cars garage F1 chiefs Sean Bratches (left), Ross Brawn (centre) and Chase Carey (second right) lineup alongside Wilson and Harrelson

It's another weekend where Lewis Hamilton is aiming to make history

Well he's already made some by equalling Jim Clark's record of five British Grand Prix poles on Saturday.

And he can make more today. Along with Clark and Alain Prost, the Brit is aiming to make it fve British GP wins.

More importantly for Hamilton though he is looking to narrow the 20-point gap down to championship leader Sebastian Vettel. So good afternoon all and welcome to Sportsmail's live coverage of the British Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton stands in the paddock on the morning of the British Grand Prix
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Lewis Hamilton will aim to get his championship hopes back on track as he bids to win the British Grand Prix from pole position.

The Mercedes star trails Sebastian Vettel by 20 points in the drivers' title battle but has a chance to narrow the gap after qualifying on pole in front of Kimi Raikkonen and the German on Saturday.

Follow Sportsmail's coverage of all the Silverstone action as it happens. 

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Source : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/formulaone/article-4699620/british-grand-prix-live-race.html

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