Louisville Pie Expert Tries To Save A Dying Art


John Lehndorff's first pie memory begins more than 50 years ago in his childhood home, where a cherry pie taunted him from the kitchen counter.

The sweet scent of the made-from-scratch dessert wafted through the house. It was intended for guests invited to a celebration that evening, but someone took pity on young Lehndorff, allowing him a small slice before the party arrived.


"I got a little piece but then it looked like the cherries were falling out onto the dish where the missing piece was, so I cut a little more off and cleaned it up," Lehndorff said. "And then I did it again and again, and I ended up eating a third of that pie. It left me feeling a mixture of pleasure and guilt, and I still feel that way about pie."

Lehndorff's obsession with pie grew with every bite and eventually lead to a decades-long career as a food writer, critic and pie expert -— a title earned over years of studying, judging, promoting, educating and preserving the dying art of baking America's dessert.

The Louisville resident has taught pie making classes at the former Culinary School of the Rockies; was the spokesman for National Pie Day, which was founded in Boulder; judged dozens of pie contests, including the National Pie Championships and Great American Pie Festival in Boulder; was the founding executive director of the American Pie Council and started the Pie Times newsletter; and created the 2014 Colorado Pie Trail calendar directing willing participants to the state's best pie shops.


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Source : http://www.dailycamera.com/lifestyles/ci_31454169/john-lehndorff-louisville-pie-expert

Louisville pie expert tries to save a dying art
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