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Loving Virgil

Worth every f**king penny

Brian (win by a dodgy penalty and a VVD debeauty™ what more can you ask for?)LFC


Moreno straight back in?

Long time, first time.

I have seen a few people mention in the mailbox (and the “>F365 Says

” this morning) about how good Robertson has been since Moreno has been injured. I have been puzzled since the start of the season with why he hasn’t played more. Moreno may have improved but it seems blindly obvious to most people (apart from Klopp) that he is always likely to make 1 big mistake each game that could be punished with a goal.

Compare that with Robertson, who I can’t recall doing anything anywhere near that bad and has gradually improved his attacking play to the point where I think he is better than Moreno. Last night, there were a number of times that he put in a cross that if the attacker had been more attentive would have led to some high-percentage chances. He is starting to enjoy the attacking aspect and may just be gaining confidence, coupled with Liverpool be slightly more solid defensively (not hard).

Despite all the positives that have been stated above, and in the article this morning, I can’t help but worry that Klopp is just going to immediately put Moreno back in. This happened a couple of times earlier in the season where Robertson played well in a cup tie, Moreno made a bad mistake and still he wasn’t trusted in a Premier League game. Here’s hoping Klopp has learnt his lesson…

Matt, LFC


The Coutinho deal

I’m sure there are plenty of Liverpool fans foaming at the mouth after >the departure of Coutinho

but can I just say farewell and good luck. He’s been such an entertaining player to watch and I really can’t begrudge him wanting to move to Barcelona. I really do hope he’s a success for them (unless it negatively affects Liverpool of course).

I think >Liverpool need to get someone in

, and quick. Buy a keeper and an attacking midfielder in the mould of Coutinho, please do not leave our only January signing to be Van Dijk. Not to say I’m not over the moon with the man especially after his debut derby winner, but we need to strengthen. Losing a player of Coutinho’s class will of course make the squad weaker.

On a final point, I really really hope that Firmino has not said something racist to Holgate. If he has then he really deserves a whopping punishment. Absolutely no place in the game for it. He’s been my favourite Liverpool player for nearly 2 years with his happy go lucky attitude and ridiculous pearly whites but this would be completely unacceptable and FSG would need to take strong action.

Cian LFC


The inevitable has happened and I, for one, am glad it’s not dragged out any longer than it had to. The lad desperately wanted to go, he’s gone – just that simple. And he played bloody well on his way out too.

For anyone who isn’t a Liverpool supporter, it’s an absolute no-brainer of a move. Mid-season seems pretty unhelpful, but this one was only a matter of time.

Liverpool are 4th, it’s been years since we won anything. Barca win something just about every year. He’ll play with one of the greatest who’s ever laced the boots. And the climate is better to say the least.

As a Liverpool supporter, I’m sorry to see him go, we’ll most likely be weaker without him. But not, I think, nearly as much as when Suarez left. That redefined us, this isn’t the end of the world.

Creating chances hasn’t been our problem in years, losing Phil won’t change that much. As has been insanely well documented, our problems have been at the back. Hopefully that’s where the money will go *cough* *hint* can we have a new keeper please?

And speaking of the money…£140 million? Wow. Neymar’s transfer changed everything. Fees that were inconceivable 2 years ago will be standard in 12 months time. But if someone’s going to get your star player , you make them pay through the nose. Southampton did it to us, we’ve done it to Barca. It’s fair enough.

In the end good luck to the lad. He’s played really well for us without winning anything and gone somewhere where he will, earning us a ludicrous profit in the process. Best wishes Phil.

James, Liverpool 


So as predicted the newly smiling Coutinho has indeed gone and could not show any loyality (to the club that gave him his chance) and wait till the summer!  All we need now is for the newly non smiling Firmino to lose his focus (now that his best man has left) and do something stupid and get banned for 10+ games and for Salah to start picking up injures and Mane to be struggling for form!  Oh wait a minute!  B*ll*cks!

The snowballing affect of this transfer could easily derail this season.  When a club manager has to release a statement about a player leaving and the club are giving you 50 quid back to spend because you bought a shirt you with his name on it you know its consequences could be serious!

For everyone saying 140+ million is a lot of money didn’t City spend nearly double that on just their defence recently?  Also we have already spent half of it on just one player and clubs now will definitely expect top dollar for any more players we are interested in!

Hoping Lallana can be a stopgap replacement as ‘the creative one’ but it is asking a lot as he is coming back from a lengthy lay off and is injury prone.

Stef (The fab four is dead long live the terrific trio!  Its ok I know Salah will be next soon enough!) LFC


It’s going to be interesting to see how Liverpool replaces Coutinho. With the windfall received for him, even when subtracting the VVD fee, they should still be able to shop on the top shelf when they look for a replacement, meaning that they don’t have to just settle for someone like Hojbjerg, Romeu or Davis. They should be able to aim for someone of a higher caliber, such as Redmond, Austin or even Tadic.

Interesting times ahead for Liverpool fans!

Tom K


Messi Lingard

So if coutinho is worth 130 million surely Lingard is at least 175m?

Kyle MUFC (Fellaini back= title race back on)


I’ve not written in to f365 towers (or read the website) for a very long time. This was for a myriad of reasons but one in particular was the constant and unfair criticism aimed at Jesse Lingard given he had scored in two cup finals for his boyhood club. So today I thought I’d have a bit of gloat.

On a website where Jack Wilshere could merely fart on a football pitch whilst on loan at Bournemouth and you guys would demand he started for England, I found myself sick of reading articles trying justify both of the above contrasting views rather than accurately reporting on their performances.

The truth was both were young players who for reason or another hadn’t yet fulfilled their potential.

Well, now Jack is back fit and playing well so hopefully he can play this well and stay fit for the rest of the season and your deity status towards him may yet be justified. Meanwhile Jesse is currently the best player at Manchester United and scoring a ridiculous variety of sexy goals. This sounds silly but Jesse does remind me so much of Iniesta (not as good yet or possibly ever). Both are very slight of frame, both late developers and both have a knack of scoring very important goals late in games. Positionally both (Iniesta in his prime, not now) can play as an orthodox winger in a 3 behind 1 but are better served as either an out and out number 10 or a floating wide player in a front 3. Whilst finally neither is rapid over a long distance but both have a great initial burst of pace (well Iniesta did, not so much these days).

I’m really delighted that Jesse is playing so well and living the dream, it’s always nice when a player can stick two fingers up at smart arse journalists.

Rob, Guangzhou. 


Don’t tar everyone with the West Ham brush

In response to

Tom, WHUFC, may I point you in the direction of Burnley…

8th in the Premier League, 12 points ahead of West Ham. Top 6 results thus far this season:

Chelsea 2 – 3 Burnley

Spurs 1 – 1 Burnley

Liverpool 1 – 1 Burnley

City 3 – 0 Burnley

Burnley 0 – 1 Arsenal

Burnley 0 – 3 Spurs

United 2 – 2 Burnley

Burnley 1 – 2 Liverpool

Not brilliant but not bad.  Some bus parking but also some entertaining attacking.

It also interesting to note that both Huddersfield and Brighton have given it a go, and both are above West Ham in the league.  This defeatist attitude of managers like Moyes is annoying, and I wouldn’t go to watch West Ham but please don’t tar the rest of the league with that brush.



Justice for bus-parking

Fellow spurs fans, and indeed other supporters of “the big six”, there’s something often missing in your analysis/crying about sides parking the bus.

Whether football is; entertainment, about results or a business is irrelevant.

Teams sitting back and defending the penalty against superior opposition, and/or employing gamesmanship such as time wasting, is a bona fide game plan. Any football manager is free to employ this at their will, in an attempt to achieve the outcome they desire.

Rather than lambasting them for “spoiling the game”, and making it “boring” for fans and neutrals. Should we not be pointing the finger back on ourselves at our own managers, players and their game plan’s for not yet coming up with an efficient way to counteract said tactics?

I appreciate this is easier said than done, but these are some of the most fabled managers and players in the entire sport. If they can’t find a way past the poorer sides within the league just because they’ve set up in a certain way…then shame on them, not the opposition.

This isn’t a recent thing. Teams have been turning up to white hart lane/Wembley on a regular basis over the past 10 or so years (Stoke’s Pulis being the first I vividly remember) with the sole aim of defending their 18 yard box, frustrating the Spurs players, fans & staff. With the sole intention of gaining a point or a smash and grab victory. Fair play to them, overcoming this has been a massive weakness of ours over a prolonged period of time. It’s now up to Poch & Co to find a way round this and entertain if they wish, not the opposition who have their own goals and objectives to meet come what May.

If we can do this, what happens? Teams stop rocking up and parking the bus, because it no longer works.

In short, time to turn the pointed finger back on ourselves. Stop moaning at everybody else and take responsibility for our own shortcomings.

Flynn (Excited to get back home to WHL), Greenwich


David vs David

Fans of the bottom 14 clubs have got it all wrong, they clamour to see their team against City, United, Chelsea etc.. Why?! Those games will likely be the big 6 team picking yours apart and you hoping for a draw, home or away, or at least not to get beaten too badly.

The big games for the bottom 14 are amongst themselves, those are the games that will determine if your team will stay in the Premier League. Our (Brighton) game Vs Bournemouth was open and attacking with both teams wanting the three points. At that time it had the most shots in a Premier League game this season, and they were equally shared, not one side taking pot-shots at the other.

Sky think we all want to watch a big six side against a bottom fourteen side and it will be entertaining, it won’t. Two bottom fourteen sides battling it out will be much more exciting and attacking, and with managers willing to take a risk for the three points.

‘Small’ club fans, that is where the entertainment is and where your season is decided, not scraping a point against Spurs, but by getting three against West Brom or Swansea, and the good thing is you get 26 of those games, rather than the 12 against the big boys.




What do fans of ‘smaller teams’ actually want?

So, a random question prompted by the reaction a number of West Ham fans had (i.e. where they seemed fairly pleased to watch their team park the bus to grind out a result). What is it exactly that the fans of the “smaller” teams want?

Based on yesterday’s evidence, WHU fans are fairly pleased to play poor football and take a result. But if memory serves correctly, WHU fans were annoyed a couple of years back and were happy to see the back of Sam Allardyce for not playing ‘the West Ham way’.

This isn’t an attack on Hammers, they just happen to be the easiest available example. Various arguments of this kind have been trotted out by West Brom and Stoke fans recently too. I’m just looking for an explanation other than “it’s all contextual” (best answer I could come up with)

Vishal (3 paragraphs and a bracket for the person who requested this format recently)


All Bark…

Evening all,

Hope you all had a lovely festive period.

I’m genuinely surprised Chelsea have bought Ross Barkley from Everton (and even more surprised that in the summer there was apparently competition for his signature).

As has been alluded to (poorly) by other louder voices, I don’t believe Barkley has the intelligence necessary to be the calibre of player Chelsea require. He acts pretty well on instinct/has good reflexes but, to my eye, when he is actually required to think about what to do he often makes the wrong decision or runs into a wall.

A typical example would be winning and keeping the ball in a crowded area in the centre with some deft touches, then having a lot of space to run into before realising that he has to think about what to do next. Often this ends with him running into a defender, picking the wrong pass or falling down and looking for a foul, the last one happening far too often in my opinion.

It always seems to me that his feet are quicker than his head, but when his head catches up he gets stuck.

Having said all that, perhaps a better coach can get more out of him. Either way, good luck to a young fella starting a new adventure. I’d almost certainly prefer playing under Antonio Conte than Sam Allardici.

Though from Everton’s point of view this was a costly transfer. £35m in the summer ultimately became six months of treatment costs, no player input on the pitch and a transfer fee of only £15m. I’ll bet someone is angry!

Gareth Hughes


Dear Editor,

There’s been a certain amount of ire directed towards Ross Barkley from some Everton fans. He seems to have been castigated for a combination of being talented but not performing to the level of his talent, and not signing a new contract to stay at the club.

I’m not an Everton fan, but I always considered him as skilled but clueless. Much like Emre Can, he’s obviously talented but often makes the wrong decision on the pitch (dribbles when he should pass/pass when he should shoot/runs into dead ends/continually smashes the ball into row Z, etc.)

However, if he’s not that good, why are Everton fans so upset that he’s going? He was often given stick by his own fans and was frozen out by Koeman when he didn’t want to sign a new contract.

Much like Can, Barkley has no obligation to continually extend his contract until the club no longer wants him and decides to sell him for a fee. I’m a Liverpool fan, but I don’t begrudge Can leaving as he signed a contract to play for the club and has fulfilled the contract.

Perhaps it’s just that Barkley is another boyhood Everton supporter who will most likely win things at another club before returning to Everton when he’s old, slow and rubbish.

Stay good,

Daniel Whittle (the only person who really rates Henderson), Leamington Spa.


Stuck in the middle with Hughes

“thank him for finishing ninth loads”

Love it!

Matt Carr, Spurs, Wilmington, NC 

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