Marketing News Roundup: 4 Trends From Advertising Week And AIM Comes To An End

Oct 9, 2017

4 Trends from Advertising Week

Advertising Week New York wraped up in late September and Adweek’s Kristina Monllos compiled the top four trends she noticed from the event.

Trends included:

1. Trump and a post-truth world: “I think it’s harder to be a brand or marketer in the U.S. today than almost any other market because we are living with a divider in chief who has created a completely and profoundly different atmosphere,” said Ben Boyd, president of practices and sectors at Edelman.

2. Authenticity: “Not every business decision should be an economic one. There’s a great need to elevate the national discourse,” says former CEO of Starbucks Howard Schultz.

3. Diversity and numbers: HP CMO Antonio Lucio told Adweek that diversity is a business imperative and a values issue.

4. Digital disruption: Many retailers are now being unseeded by digital disruptors like Warby Parker. “It makes us rethink how we communicate with the next generation,” says Catherine Lacaze, Tiffany & Co.’s vice president of North American marketing.

Source: Adweek

Dove Criticized As Racist for Video Ad

An ad for Dove body wash posted to the brand’s U.S. Facebook page showed a woman of color removing her top to reveal a white woman removing her top, followed by another woman of color, sparking a social media backlash against the company. Dove removed the clip and issued an apology, saying it “missed the mark in representing women of color thoughtfully,” but the apology tweet received 3,000—mostly negative—responses.

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Marketing News Roundup: 4 Trends from Advertising Week and AIM Comes to an End
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