Meet The 5th Grade Teacher Who Now Plays Einstein For A Living

There are a lot of impressive basketball things about Grant Williams, the tough, hard-working sophomore power forward who has led No. 15 Tennessee – a team that was picked to finish near the bottom of the SEC but now has a real shot at a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament – to become one of the biggest surprises of this upside-down college basketball season.

But we're not going to start with the basketball things.

Because when a 19-year-old potential NBA player can call himself a "Renaissance man" and not at all be exaggerating – and when his AAU coach used to call him a "Renaissance man," too – you don't start with the basketball things. You start with the other things.

Like with music. Music has been a central part of Williams' life since he was born. You can't be a member of his family without a heavy music influence; his father, Gil Williams, worked for years in the music industry, serving as a bodyguard for pop stars like Michael Jackson and Prince. His grandfather lived just down the street in Charlotte, and growing up, Grant and his four older brothers would spend hours at Pop Pop's house, listening to him play the piano. Pop Pop got his first piano in 1951.