Men Who Play This Sport Are More Likely To Cheat On You

As if we weren't all already paranoid enough about cheating, new research has found men who play certain sports are most likely to do the dirty on us. Apparently, a fair number of guys are using their sporting commitments as a way to cover up the fact they're having an affair.

According to The Independent, researchers spoke to 1,750 men, and those who played team sports were the most likely to cheat. Of all the team sports these guys played, rugby had the highest number of cheaters. 21% of the rugby lads admitted to using matches and training as a way of covering up their cheating.

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Footballers and golfers were the second worst culprits, reports Golf Support who conducted the study.

All of the men who participated in the research played at least six hours of 'sport' every week. Psychologists say that men who play loads of sports produce more testosterone, which makes them believe they need more sex. This happens even more in rugby players as training involves loads of resistance training, which releases more of the hormone.

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Dudes who were into athletics, swimming and cycling were the least likely to cheat. But racing, boxing and tennis nuts were somewhere in the middle, with around 15% of them admitting to cheating on their partners.

Cheaters: if you're going to SO much effort to hide your infidelity, why not just break up with your partner in the first place? It genuinely makes no sense and you're being right old bellends in the process.

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