Microsoft : Announcing Microsoft Edge For IOS And Android, Microsoft Launcher


Microsoft is fully committed to Android and iOS, and in addition to announcing Edge browser for the two platforms, the company also developed a new launcher based on Arrow Launcher.

Simply called Microsoft Launcher, the new app replaces Arrow Launcher, but also introduces a plethora of features, some of which imitate functionality that was previously seen on Apple devices.


For example, the new launcher includes a “Continue on PC” feature that makes it possible to continue what you’re working on a Windows PC, which certainly comes in handy for those who are running Microsoft’s apps on Android devices. OneNote, for instance, lets you start creating a note on the phone and then continue working on the same note on a Windows 10 PC.

Microsoft Launcher for Android comes with all the bells and whistles of an Android launcher, so users are allowed to customize its looks. You can change the backgrounds, colors, gestures, and other visual features, all from a very intuitive interface.

Using Windows 10 design cues

The launcher has been designed based on Microsoft’s Fluent Design, so it boasts visual elements available in Windows 10 apps, but it’s clean and straightforward with no complex configuration required.

“Microsoft Launcher represents the “graduation” of the 4.6-star rated “Arrow Launcher” project that was developed in our Garage – we’re making a big update to Arrow and changing its name. Everyone on the Arrow Launcher beta will automatically get the Microsoft Launcher today, and any other Android users can join the preview of Microsoft Launcher beginning today as well,” the company said.

For the time being, however, Microsoft Launcher for Android is still in preview, but you can go

here to give it a try right now. It goes without saying that no such software is available from Microsoft for iOS because the closed ecosystem on Apple’s phones do not allow third-party launchers to be installed.

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Source : http://news.softpedia.com/news/microsoft-launcher-for-android-mimics-apple-s-handoff-feature-517920.shtml

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