Microsoft : Announcing Microsoft Edge For IOS And Android, Microsoft Launcher


Microsoft is likely to launch a new Movies and TV app for Android and iOS platforms that will be based on the services that it will provide. According to Windows Central, Microsoft seems to be continuing on its path to offer the best of Windows 10 to iOS and Android platforms after the company announced that it will no longer focus on Windows 10 Mobile. This report comes months after the company first launched Microsoft Edge on Android and iOS. The company already offers Microsoft Launcher and Microsoft office apps on both the platforms.

The report points out that Microsoft wants more users to buy the content that it is offering on the Microsoft Store. The only reason that can happen is if users have the ability to access the purchased content on the device or platform of their choice. The report added that a major chunk of users seems to ignore the content offered on Microsoft Store because of lack of companion apps on Android and iOS. It also poses a problem for people who end up buying content from Microsoft Store because of the same reason.


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The company is continuously adding features to the Microsoft Launcher so that it allows users to seamlessly transition from your Windows 10-powered laptop or desktop to Android and iOS and continue with whatever they were working on.

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The report also added that Microsoft is also likely to join Movies Anywhere program that allows users to watch their purchased content from a different digital store from the one they originally purchased the movie on. For example, if a user purchased a movie on Google Play with the help of Movies Anywhere then they can stream the movie with iTunes on any Apple device.

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Source : http://www.bgr.in/news/microsoft-is-planning-to-launch-movies-and-tv-apps-for-ios-and-android/

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