Microsoft Launcher Review: A Beautiful Android Experience

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The power of the launcher is contained within its Feed view. Accessed with a swipe to the right, the Feed shows your agenda for the day, links to frequently used apps and top trending news stories. It can also provide shortcuts to individual actions, documents, photos and people, forming a kind of centralised entrypoint for all your mobile activities.
Microsoft Launcher for Android> Microsoft Launcher for Android Microsoft
Microsoft Launcher is part of the company's work to offer "seamless" switching between Windows 10 PCs and mobile devices. You can remotely open files on your PC or send them as notifications to review later. You can start writing a document or editing a photo while on the move and then continue on your PC when you get home or to the office. "[We are] launching a preview release of our new Microsoft Launcher for Android," Microsoft said. "We think it's the most beautiful (based on Fluent Design), customizable, powerful launcher available. With Microsoft Launcher, your recent photos, documents and more can all Continue on PC as well. And – just like on Windows 10 – with Microsoft Launcher you can put icons of your favorite people right on the home screen so they're quickly and easily available."
Microsoft Launcher for Android> Microsoft Launcher for Android Microsoft

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