Montblanc Summit Hands On Review

Montblanc, the German luxury brand of pens, jewellery and watches, will be launching its first smartwatch - the Summit (from $1,340) - here next month.

I had a brief hands-on of the Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch.

The Summit is inspired by Montblanc's 1858 Collection analogue timepieces. If you put the Summit and the 1858 Collection side by side, it's difficult to tell the difference. And that is a good thing, as the 1858 Collection has such a nice classic design.

The Summit has a similarly shaped 46mm-wide stainless- steel watch case with a crown on its right. However, the crown is not rotatable, but serves as the home button.

I tried the "entry-level" black stainless-steel and silver stainless-steel models. There is also a silver stainless-steel case with black bezel version, and an even more premium all-titanium model.

Despite the large watch case, it is rather thin (to me, at least) at only 12.5mm thick. When I wore the Summit, it felt lightweight and really comfortable. I thought the Summit's rear slight bulge (due to the heart-rate monitor) would cause some discomfort. Surprisingly, the rear felt quite flat when it was on my wrist.

The device's 1.39-inch (400 x 400 pixels) Amoled touchscreen display has a curved sapphire glass surface. This is the first smartwatch to have a curved glass surface, according to Montblanc.

The display looks sharp with nice details, especially when the official watch faces mimic its analogue counterparts. It also has an always-on function. When idle, the display shows a black-and- white watch face.

The Summit comes pre-loaded with Montblanc's exclusive Worldtimer app that lets you set different time zones easily.

The battery's life is estimated to be one day. The Summit comes with a charging cradle (which sports the iconic Montblanc emblem) that you connect with the ubiquitous micro-USB cable to charge the battery.

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