Morgan Freeman: Obama's Not Our First Black President


GREY Morgan, Morgan, Morgan. Just because we like to watch you act like a chauffeur does not mean we want to hear your opinion. No one likes you for your brains or what come out of them. Now just read the lines we're paying you to read. July 6, 2012 at 6:



Morgan, Morgan, Morgan. Just because we like to watch you act like a chauffeur does not mean we want to hear your opinion. No one likes you for your brains or what come out of them. Now just read the lines we're paying you to read.

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I love all the comments about how we are all "bi-racial" leave it to a caucasion to make a comment like that...

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Mr Freeman seems to forget that at some point, almost all blacks in America are of mixed race in their heritage.

It's very few African Americans that can claim not to have mixed race somewhere in their background.

Mr Freeman, I'm guessing that somewhere down the line you might have had a white ancestor or two, as well.

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Morgan Freeman is a great actor but that's all he is. Does he think that Bush was treated fairly by democrats? Just because Obama is PART black doesn't exempt him from public opinion . Morgan has a right to his opinion just as every other american does.

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Another idiot celeb who thinks he knows about politics.

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Finally, somwone tells it like it is. The GOP has been conspiring to knock off Obama since he got in office, hence paralyzing the country

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Now tell me that democrats haven't been "comspiring the last three and a half years to keep a republican from being elected this year. You talk about a pot calling a kettle black.

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I agree Jay. Mitch McConnell made this statement. He was the spokesman for many Republicans. It illustrates they care more about their party than the country and its citizens.

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Thank you Morgan Freeman!

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I have to disagree most Blacks are of mixed heritage as myself and I consider myself Black and when people look at me they see Black.

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22X Richer

Morg', old man, you forget the Democrats had full control of the House, Senate and White House with Barack Obama in full control. The blame for everything rests solely on him and no one but him. He can tweet that he inherited this mess for only so long but the Dem's decided passing health care legislation was more important than getting America back to work.

It was not the Republicans who stopped him it was his own self interest which goes as well for now-former Speaker Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid. Nice try.

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Just more drivel from a washed up Hollywood B actor spewing more of the same liberal left propgander!

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Oh 22x how I love listening to Americans like you....Americans who think they know so much and yet truly know so little...Just because a party has "control" of the House, Senate or the executive branch does not mean they have "true" control over anything...To truly have "control" means they need a lot more than just a simple majority, which the Democrats did not have...But its ok,keep pretending and acting like you know so much....Its rather adorable!

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To say that democrats "had full control" of the House and Senate is misleading. If that were true, then republicans wouldn't have had the ability to filibuster and delay votes on bills.

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22x poorer

Actually, they didn't. They never had the supermajority needed to overcome a filibuster, so the republicans were able to filibuster everything – the highest use of filibuster power in history.

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The dems never had a veto proof margin

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Mr. Freeman is forgetting that almost every African American – that is descendant of slaves brought to this country, is mixed race.

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This whole race BS means nothing ... I wrote about this back just before his inauguration. http://www.coffeecuphalfmoons.com/blog/2009/01/30/barack-obama-44th-white-president-of-the-united-states-of-america/

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It is so obvious that the only agenda the Republicans have had is to make Obama look bad so they can be elected. They do not care about anything getting voted in for the middle class and only vote no to keep hammering at Obama. This is a disgusting thing to do for a party. I hope the people can see this hypocrisy and vote against them in the election. No president either Republican or Democrat could turn this country around in four years. We need a lot more years of a Democratic president so hopefully we will get Hilary after Obama. Carry on Mr. President.

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Suzy q

Ineffective? Obama had a democrat controlled house and senate for his first two years yet did not pass a budget, correction, has never passed a budget as required by law. Yes, Obama is ineffective but not due to republicans. Perhaps his tenure as a community organizer did not prepare him for the omplexities of the White House.

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OK; if we concede that he didn't take advantage that he had for a short period of time, will you concede that even when he had the majority, the GOP blocked him every step of the way via the filibuster routines, and that that when they attained control of the House, thay blocked ever damn thing that might have helped the economy?

No; I didn't think that you would.

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He is clueless about economic matters and, with the help of the dem House of 2007-2011, messed up the economy.

If he is re-elected, it will be a debacle next year as taxes on investments will go through the roof and the markets will all tank. Unemployment will double.

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This post is wildly inaccurate. The budget went to vote one time....after republicans had control. there have been no other hold ups on budget. he had the greatest budget cut in the history of the united states. this was praised by actual republicans, like reagans old aides. you are simply regurgitating fox news propoganda.

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22x poorer

Actually, completely due to Republicans – they've used the filibuster more than any party in HISTORY during this President's first term.

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I have to disagree. Yes, both sides should count but we are still a visual society. Just look at Cameron Diaz. Such a blonde, blue eyed...Hispanic.

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This is true, however, in my opinion, there are no pure races. We are all bi-racial. We all come from Adam and Eve. Until the human race see people instead of all this other nonsense, there will always be a nation divided let alone the world.

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Perhaps if Adam and Eve were monkeys. You can't argue with the science that shows ever step of evolution from monkey to man. This whole Adam and Eve thing is a bit crazy. But I am not here to get in a debate over creation vs evolution but when people make such crazy statements, especially when the article has nothing to do with it, those statements should be held to the fire.

July 6, 2012 at 5:08 pm | Report abuse |


Brenda, you're absolutely right... about everything except the ridiculous Adam and Eve mythology stuff.

July 6, 2012 at 5:42 pm | Report abuse |

Duane in Fremont

I've had all those same thoughts for years and he's 100% correct!!!!

July 6, 2012 at 4:52 pm | Report abuse | Reply

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