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Running as an outsider is a time-tested strategy, but Greitens’s decision to run on family values was audacious, since he was still conducting an extramarital affair after announcing his candidacy, according to an email obtained by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

Greitens briefly made national news during the campaign with an ad that mostly consisted of the candidate firing a machine gun for 30 seconds. In another, he rhetorically blasted career politicians before doing some more literal blasting, firing off a rifle and concluding the spot with a Michael Bay-style explosion. He won handily over Chris Koster, then the state’s attorney general, in November 2016.


But the campaign rhetoric about corruption among elected officials didn’t endear Greitens to them, even those in the Republican Party. In early January, a Kansas City Star columnist asked whether the governor was finally learning to work with legislators. But when the affair story broke a week later, Greitens found himself with few allies in Jefferson City, or anywhere else. Republicans opted to keep him at arm’s length. Just this week, members of the state house moved forward a bill that would criminalize “revenge porn.”

Greitens has repeatedly said he has no intention of resigning, but it’s difficult to do the job of governor while under a felony indictment, and what little support he retains is likely to get shakier. He is also reported to be the subject of an FBI investigation.

Here’s the thing about career politicians, Greitens’s great bogeymen during the campaign. No one likes to defend them, and sometimes they, too, get caught up in extramarital affairs. But in general, career politicians manage to make a career in politics because they know how to stay out of trouble. First-time candidates are a risk. Maybe they’ll turn out to be clean-cut and competent, but maybe they’ll be indicted for a felony barely a year into their term in office.

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Source : https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2018/02/eric-greitens-indictment-felony/554012/

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