New Group Of Experts Aims To Tackle Vexing Economic Challenges. But Will Anyone Listen?

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Weather forecasts are a total snooze — unless your chief meowterologist is a cat who tells you the weather with a pop-culture twist. Poncho's forecasts warn you about rain as well as bad hair days.

His forecasts are powered by custom-built analytics and content management tools, and the only thing sharper than Poncho's cutting-edge tech is his wit. A fast-paced writers' room is constantly updating the Poncho bot on Facebook Messenger so people can chat with him about everything from the election to guacamole recipes.

Since debuting as one of Messenger's launch partners, the company has also launched rain alerts, severe weather alerts, and even outdoor activity forecasts. With new content offerings such as bite-sized weekly horoscopes and life advice, it's no wonder Poncho is the most popular conversational bot today.

The core team at Poncho consists of Greg Leuch (Product, R&D), Kuan Huang (Founder), Sam Mandel (CEO) and Stephanie Chan (Head of Operations, Editorial) and is currently available on iOS, Android, and Facebook Messenger, but coming soon to many more chat platforms.

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