Nicaragua, Honduras And Panama – Travel To Central America

Central America is a region rich in opportunity. Firstly, it is blessed with ample natural resources - Honduras and Nicaragua both have gold and silver. In addition, Honduras has large deposits of copper, lead, iron ore, and zinc, whereas Nicaragua has large deposits of natural gas. Guatemala can boast of nickel as well as petroleum deposits, while Panama has substantial copper deposits. The opportunity, however, is found in the fact that despite these endowments the extraction of minerals is small.

Secondly, international trade has acquired increased relevance in the economic activities of the region. Central America’s leading imports include cars, chemicals, electrical equipment, farm machinery, and pharmaceuticals, while its leading exports are bananas, coffee, cotton, meat, wood and rubber.Thirdly, a powerful attraction for doing business in Central America is the low cost pool of labour that drastically reduces the cost of doing business. Furthermore, all Central American countries have a constant need for imported goods, such as computers and software, and medical and diagnostic equipment. Levels of poverty continue to drop as Central American economies develop and the levels of education increase with increasing proficiencies in English and other languages which are widely used in business and international investment.

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