No, The Supreme Court Doesn't Need Term Limits


I hope Pennsylvania’s politically charged gerrymandering saga has an unintended side effect — encouraging us to reconsider how we select our state Supreme Court and other appellate judges.

Nearly all other states choose their supreme court justices based on their qualifications, through a merit selection process, instead of electing them off a partisan ballot. Forcing candidates to campaign and collect campaign donations can raise questions about political impartiality down the road when they hear cases such as the gerrymandering one.


The fact that four Democratic justices tossed out the state’s Republican-created Congressional district map alone was enough to raise questions about partisanship. The justices’ failure to issue their full opinion in a timely manner, and then to draw a new map themselves when the state Constitution says that’s the Legislature’s job, make it even harder to avoid the appearance of political motivations.

>Pennsylvania Republicans to sue as soon as Wednesday to block redistricted map
> Tim Darragh

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Source : http://www.mcall.com/opinion/muschick/mc-opi-pa-gerrymandering-supreme-court-merit-selection-muschick-20180220-story.html

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