Notre Dame Criticizes NCAA After Appeal Of 21 Vacated Football Wins Is Denied


The Associated Press reported Tuesday afternoon that the NCAA has denied Notre Dame's appeal of a decision to vacate 21 victories — 12-1 in 2012 and 9-4 in 2013 — because of academic misconduct that resulted in the use of ineligible players those two seasons.

The issue first came to light in August 2014 when four Notre Dame players — receiver


DaVaris Daniels , cornerback

KeiVarae Russell , defensive end

Ishaq Williams and linebacker

Kendall Moore — were held out of practice and competition during an ongoing academic probe that was self-reported by the university regarding its honor code policy.

The internal investigation and findings by the school for the misconduct that involved a student athletic trainer ultimately resulted in a November 2016 verdict by the NCAA that included stripping Notre Dame of the 21 victories, fining the school $5,000 and placing it on a one-year probation. Notre Dame appealed the outcome that did not turn out in its favor.

University of Notre Dame President

Fr. John Jenkins C.S.C. has responded with a letter to alumni criticizing the decision.

“We are deeply disappointed by and strongly disagree with the denial of the University’s appeal, announced today by the NCAA, of an earlier decision by the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions to vacate Notre Dame’s 2012 and 2013 football victories due to academic misconduct by several student-athletes,” he wrote.

“Our concerns go beyond the particulars of our case and the record of two football seasons to the academic autonomy of our institutions, the integrity of college athletics and the ability of the NCAA to achieve its fundamental purpose.”

At the end of the 2017 season, Notre Dame was barely behind Michigan on the all-time winning percentage chart and could have passed the Wolverines with a victory in this year’s Sept. 1 opener.

Now, with the rejection, the Irish record drops to 885-324-42 (it had been listed with 906 wins) for a revised winning percentage of .7242, by our calculation . (Ties count as a half-win, so the 1,251 games would be divided into 906 — the 885 wins and the 21 half-wins for 906.)

In NCAA parlance, “vacating” a victory is not the same as forfeiting one. It affects only the victor, not the loser of the game. For example, USC had to vacate its last two wins in 2004 (and thereby the national title) and all 12 wins from the 2005 season.

However, that did not mean that its epic 34-31 win at Notre Dame in 2005 was now a “victory” for Notre Dame. The Irish remained 9-3 that year despite the loss to the Trojans. It counted neither as a win nor a “non-loss” for the Irish. The losing team retains the defeat.

By our calculation, here is the unofficial breakdown.

1. Michigan: 943-339-36 — .7291

2. Boise State: 438-165-2 — .7256

3. Ohio State: 898-324-53 — .7250

4. Notre Dame: 885-324-42 — .7242

5. Alabama: 890-328-43 — .7230

6. Oklahoma: 884-323-53 — .7226

7. Texas: 898-366-33 — .7050

8. USC: 834-339-54 — .7017

A vacated win affects only the penalized team’s season records, all-time records and the head coach’s record.

Thus, a team that was 9-4 during a season in which it fielded ineligible players — a la Notre Dame in 2013 — would have its record revised to 0-4. Instead of his current 69-34 record,

Brian Kelly’s mark at Notre Dame now would be listed at 48-34.

The above Top 8 includes vacated victories by several schools:

• Ohio State had 12 victories vacated by the NCAA during the 2010 season,

• Alabama had eight victories and one tie forfeited by the NCAA during the 1993 season, plus 21 victories vacated by the NCAA for the 2005-07 seasons,

• USC had 14 victories vacated by the NCAA during the 2004 and 2005 seasons.

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Source : https://notredame.rivals.com/news/ncaa-denies-notre-dame-appeal-21-victories-from-2012-13-vacated

NCAA Denies Notre Dame Appeal; 21 Victories From 2012-13 Vacated
NCAA denies Notre Dame appeal of vacated football wins from its 2011-2012 season
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NCAA denies Notre Dame appeal of vacated wins from 2011-12
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NCAA denies Notre Dame appeal of vacated wins from 2011-12
NCAA denies Notre Dame appeal of vacated wins from 2011-12
NCAA FOOTBALL: NCAA denies Notre Dame appeal of vacated wins from 2011-12
NCAA denies Notre Dame appeal of vacated wins from 2011-12