Partially Blind Person Dressed As Minion Attacked By Man Walking Past Store, Florida Police Say


Florida police are searching for the man responsible for attacking a man dressed up as a Minion from the popular movie "Despicable Me" for a promotional event at a local store.

The Daytona Police Department said Ryan Niharton was arrested on suspicion of attacking the man in costume on July 8. A police report said the victim, Jamie Roehm, is partially blind.



Nihart is accused of lifting Roehm off the ground, spinning him around and then dropping him back on the pavement, said police.

According to the filed police report, Nihart was encouraged to hurt Roehm by two other people on the sidewalk.

The owner of the store and another man who was outside the store rushed to pin Nihart down until authorities could arrive.

Nihart has been charged with criminal mischief and battery, said police.


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Source : http://www.wesh.com/article/partially-blind-person-dressed-as-minion-attacked-by-man/22120132

Partially blind person dressed as Minion attacked by man walking past store, Florida police say