Plans For Formula 1 In Copenhagen Take Off, But Meet Resistance


Published on February 13th, 2018 | by Jesper Berggreen



Plans For Formula 1 In Copenhagen Take Off, But Meet Resistance

February 13th, 2018 by

Jesper Berggreen 

Danish DR News dr.dk reports that Formula 1 in Copenhagen has come a step closer after politicians and organizers have met.


Ferrari Formula 1. Image credit: Pixabay

On Thursday, stakeholders met to discuss the opportunity to get a Formula 1 Grand Prix race to Copenhagen in 2020.

From the consortium working on realizing the idea of ​​Formula 1 in Copenhagen, Saxo Bank founder Lars Seier Christensen and former minister of science Helge Sander, who is head of the project, participated. “What became clear is that this event should be a public-private partnership. It will be self-financed. Such major events have a huge branding value.” says Helge Sander.

Several politicians in the Danish capital’s citizens’ representation has previously warned that Formula 1 racing in the city center clashes with the idea of ​​Copenhagen as a green city.

Niko Grünfeld from the political party Alternativet, elaborates:

“I think that a Formula 1 race with fossil fuel burning race cars does not fit well with the image of Copenhagen as a green and sustainable city. We still need to scrutinize the economy and how much it will affect the citizens of Copenhagen who live near the proposed race track, because it will have major consequences. So I really do not think it’s something Copenhagen should host.”

He does acknowledge that it certainly would have positive economic effects due to a lot of tourists and revenue to businesses in Copenhagen. But the question is what value it has for Copenhagen in the long run? To that extent it is questionable what Copenhagen — a potential future green and sustainable city — is winning by hosting a Formula 1 race.

The first year, the whole setup — including preparation of the track on the 4.6 km route in the city center — will cost up to $80 million.

Why not Formula E instead? I wonder why this has — to my knowledge — not been proposed. Formula E is becoming high-profile with players like Porsche, Audi, and Mercedes getting in the game. Formula 1 is, well, old school. Right?


Audi Formula E. Image credit: Jesper Berggreen

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Plans For Formula 1 In Copenhagen Take Off, But Meet Resistance
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