Police Investigate Door Knocking Scam As Woman's Facebook Warning Goes Viral


Lemme see, I'm gonna go on a limb here and say the kid is lying his azzz off to protect his now passed daddy. I'm gonna use a case of a similar incident just 2weeks ago in NYC when an in and out convict of a 'father' is sprung for the third time from prison and goes out with his son, a NYC high school football"star" NFL wannabe

they park their Cadillac of course in a valet parking lot as they dine or what have you, and then they return as hoodie daddy and sonny accuse the attendants of stealing (now get this) a $200 bottle of cologne supposedly given by Jailhouse daddy to sonny just that night 'fo he birfday".


Gee, what a coincidence. |

Anyhow, ghetto daddy throws the first punch which he denied all that night and next day to the MSM, (as they and fellow neighbor-hoodies back up of course) which then compels his son to enter the fray like a typical hoodie, something his daddy also denied.

SO end game is the kid gets shivved to death by the attendant who's being pummeled over the head by jailhouse daddy with a shovel he carries around for a weapon in his freaking ghetto machine for what who knows. Winter shoveling, I don't know, but he's using it as a deadly weapon.

SO again the hood's cry to the media, they blame the Attendant, me and others are railing on the NY Post website calling it like we see it just like this one to calls of 'yo a racist, cracker dis cracker dat"... and turns out the next morning a tape is produced and sure enough as we called it, jailhouse tatdaddy started it, got his son killed in the process and tries to cash in with race baiting lies before the kid's even buried trying to sue literally before the blood dries 'for my son nfl career he was fo sho gonna be havin'.....What a guy. Kid woulda been better off had he remained caged.

Ghetto hoods will be ghetto hoods no matter how much money you pay them and treat them with adulation and so on as life has shown us time and time again since the 60's as this happens over and over and over again.

Most of these 'pro afffletes' get paid tens of millions and die before 40 either stoned, drunk, broke and broken despite their supposed top flight free ride college educations to boot which got em in the league to begin with.

Talk about EPIC FAIL, ghetto itis strikes once again and again. This is part of their 'fuckkk you pig" mentality we see all over this board like a rash as we always see, just like last Saturday night on the NYP only to be proven correct over and over again, just like we will this time. Sad but true.

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Source : https://reason.com/blog/2011/07/12/sheriffs-deputy-kills-former-n