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MaxBay is spot on – the Edition watch isn’t the luxury watch its pricetag suggests it is, but the regular watch tarted up a bit. A Honda Civic that you fill with leather seats and a mahogany dash might technically be worth more, but it hasn’t been transformed into a Rolls Royce. And that’s the issue here. A £5,000 Omega Seamaster is a near-indestructible masterpiece in mechanical design. It isn’t a £500 Seiko, but just in a gold case. The Apple Watch Edition *is* the £399 one in a gold case. There’s no added value in the workmanship, the mechanism or the craftmanship, and there’s certainly a LOT less heirloom factor – you won’t be leaving this to your kids, and Apple are almost relying on that to sell Gen 2 products. Omega etc. expect to sell far fewer products because they expect them to be handed down as treasured possessions.

If people want to buy them, good for them. They could get the exact same effect and functionality though by buying a regular Apple Watch and stuffing 100 dollar bills under the wristband for everyone to see.


I maintain that anyone buying the edition watch is an idiot with too much money, or a horrendous showoff. I don’t have any issue with Apple wanting to fleece that market rather than leave it up to the third party gold and crystal encrusters, but I’m bewildered by the amount of people stepping up to suggest being able to throw money away and being willing to do so is somehow inspirational. Let them be showoffs, but for pity’s sake don’t make out they’re anything *but* showoffs.


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Source : http://macdailynews.com/2015/04/06/the-apple-watch-buyers-conundrum/

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