Report: Redskins QB Cousins Open To Long Term Deal After Season

After a sixth consecutive loss Sunday at home and the dismissal of offensive coordinator Mike McCoy, it’s clear the Denver Broncos have entered full evaluation mode for the rest of the 2017 season.

Quarterback Paxton Lynch, Denver’s first-round pick in 2016, should see the starting lineup as the team wants to determine if there’s anything to salvage after he failed to win the starting job two years in a row.

“I’m pleased with how I’ve progressed mentally and physically up until this point,” Lynch said last week. “I’m excited for the opportunity whenever it presents itself.”

But no matter what Lynch shows over the rest of the regular season, the Broncos could look to free agency in 2018 for a starting quarterback.

One quarterback who should be available is current Washington Redskins starter, Kirk Cousins.

But what are the chances Denver adds Cousins in free agency?

The Redskins are scouting quarterbacks

Sources tell me the Redskins are in the process of scouting the top quarterbacks likely to be available in the 2018 NFL draft with Doug Williams, the Redskins senior vice president of player personnel, traveling across the country to personally scout the best passers.

Williams could have his eye on guys like Josh Rosen (UCLA), Sam Darnold (USC), and Lamar Jackson (Louisville).

Rosen could be the best of the bunch, as he’s bright and has a rocket arm, beautiful deep accuracy, and an alpha-male attitude.

Darnold has the tools to be a quality starter in the pros, but, mechanically, he needs to clean up some footwork issues.

Jackson is the most athletic of this group, and he’s incredibly dangerous as a runner, reminding some in the scouting community of Houston Texans rookie Deshaun Watson.

Washington has fought hard this year, but, with a 4-6 record, they are unlikely to make the playoffs in an incredibly tough NFC.

Even if they land a top-15 pick, I’m told the Redskins would consider a move up to get a franchise quarterback.

Cousins wants out?

We’ve seen the Redskins slap the franchise tag on Cousins two years in a row. In 2016 and 2017 combined, Cousins will have made around $44 million fully guaranteed.

Washington actually does have the option to franchise tag Cousins for a third time, if they want to, but the price tag would be outrageous — $34 million for next season alone.

Sources tell me Cousins wants a long-term deal, but he’s reluctant to sign a long-term contract with Washington.

If he hits the open market, Cousins could command quite the hefty price tag and get that commitment he’s been looking for.

A quick fix for the Broncos

The Broncos need a franchise quarterback, and they’ve had great success with quarterbacks who started their careers elsewhere.

Following the plan laid out by Peyton Manning in 2012, Denver could try to do the same thing with Cousins in 2018.

They still need to draft a quarterback, in my opinion, whether or not they get Cousins. It’s wise to draft and develop a young quarterback if at all possible.

A young quarterback plays with a low price tag and allows you to build other spots on your roster with the extra salary cap space.

There is a serious need for a quality starting quarterback here in the Mile High City, and adding Cousins could all of a sudden make a roster that looks shaky seem somewhat like a contender.

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