Rossi's Mother: Valentino Still Has A Lot To Offer To MotoGP


Rossi vows to make quick return after surgery

>Valentino Rossi

, has insisted that her son still has the motivation to compete in the sport.

The Italian is currently in preparations for the 2018 season and Palma claimed that the pre-season period is one of his favourite times of the season.

"When Valentino understands he has more to offer another area, he will do it., but for the moment he has still a lot to offer MotoGP," she told Cycleworld.

"I see him so passionate and involved in the development of his Yamaha M1.

"He adores this time of the year and you realize it from the vivid stories he tells you. He loves the preparation time before the start of the season."

Asked when will be the moment that her son decides to retire, she didn't want to make a specific prediction.

"Until he doesn't enjoy it," Palma noted.

"One day he will decide, but in this moment I think he's fully involved."

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Source : http://www.marca.com/en/more-sports/2018/02/13/5a8325d1e2704eba598b45a8.html

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