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When Apttus cofounder and CEO Kirk Krappe hopped on stage to give the keynote for the company's conference last week, few people on his staff knew what to expect.

Without a teleprompter or a memorized script, Krappe free-formed 25 minutes of historical anecdotes in a winding journey that he described as "so far off the grid that they have to listen to it."


"It makes Neil and Alex very nervous," Krappe joked about his communications team.

Krappe, who cofounded the company in 2006, tries to tell as few people as possible what he's going to say in his keynotes, including the one he gave at Apttus' user conference Accelerate last week in San Francisco.

"Man has always been interested in understanding the evolution of man. When we look at what's taken place in this world, it's been really quite incredible," Krappe said in his opening remarks. "But the evolution has resulted in all sort of inexplicable things, some of which I am going to share with you today."

This rendering shows the slides Krappe used to prompt his keynote at Apttus Accelerate on May 15.
Krappe, standing in front of three ceiling-tall illustrations, improvised nearly every word he said. With only visual queues, he took the audience on a journey that started with Charles Darwin and ended with "middle office management" — the market segment that Apttus' quote-to-cash software aims to address.

The lesson of a Turkish archaeological site

The keynote concluded when Krappe revealed a new product, the Apttus Omni, an artificial intelligence platform that helps salespeople do their jobs more efficiently. Krappe called it the only middle-office platform on the market.

Of course, product announcements during keynotes are par for the course. Omni may truly be a revolutionary product, but it's hard to get audiences to engage with such ideas without capturing their attention.

"When we were a smaller company, I wanted employees to be surprised," Krappe, whose company now has 1,350 employees, said of his methodology.

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Source : http://www.businessinsider.com/apttus-ceo-does-unusual-free-form-keynote-speeches-for-product-launches-2018-5

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