Saudi Arabia Says Corruption Probe Detainees Will Face Trial

Saudi Arabia’s newly-established anti-corruption committee yesterday said that evidence of widespread corruption has been uncovered among “influential officials and senior executives” and that trials will soon be held.

“All those suspected... will have full access to legal resources, and the trials will be held in a timely and open manner,” Attorney General Sheikh Saud Al Mojeb said in a statement.

“A great deal of evidence has already been gathered, and detailed questioning has taken place.”

Mojeb said the authorities were forced to pursue their investigations “discreetly” in order to ensure that “there was no flight from justice”.

Saudi-owned Al Arabiya television reported that 11 princes, four current ministers and dozens of ex-ministers were arrested as the commission launched a probe into old cases such as floods that devastated the Red Sea city of Jeddah in 2009.

The anti-graft commission has uncovered evidence pointing at “widespread corruption”, its president Khalid bin Abdulmohsen Al Mehaisen said in a separate statement.

“Saudi anti-corruption authorities... have worked painstakingly for three years to investigate the crimes in question,” he added.

Saudi authorities have announced that they will be freezing the bank accounts of suspects detained on corruption charges. Officials said there will be “no preferential treatment” in the handling of their cases.

The Saudi Centre for International Communication said money that appear to be linked to corruption cases will be reimbursed to the General Treasury.

Meanwhile, Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud has sworn in new National Guard chief Prince Khalid bin Ayyaf Al Muqrin and new Economy and Planning Minister Mohammad Al Tuwaijri.

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Corruption probe detainees will face trial says Saudi
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Saudi Arabia says corruption probe detainees will face trial