Save 50 Percent On Your First Month With Select TPO Mobile Plans


Pros – highest customer satisfaction, fastest helpline response rate, extensive coverage, seamless switch, access Virgin Media Wi-Fi hotspots


Cons – small range of plans, fewer stores

Value for money ★★★★

Coverage & speed ★★★★★

Customer support ★★★★★

Virgin Mobile gets top marks for customer satisfaction, and will custom-build the best plan for your small business.

Value for money


Virgin Mobile offers small businesses their Virgin Business Enterprise Plan. This package is tailored to you specifically, so you can enjoy less admin and lower costs. But it also means you’ll need to contact them separately for a quote.

With Virgin, you can also save £5 a month when you combine your business broadband with a 4G bundle.

Coverage and speed


Virgin Mobile guarantee the best network coverage in the UK, having partnered with EE and O2’s 4G networks. That means they can custom-build your mobile solution, based on your location and individual business needs.

Customer support


Ofcom’s unbiased survey shows Virgin Mobile’s customers report

the highest levels of overall satisfaction with their broadband service – at 91%. They are also some of the most satisfied customers in general – a whopping

94% give Virgin Mobile the thumbs up.

Plus, with an average call wait time of 38 seconds, you can be sure your small business is in good hands.


And now, which are the leading business phone handsets?

Maybe you already have a favourite for your personal phone use. Or maybe you want to try a new model for your business phone. The mobiles below are …., they could even double as your personal mobile phone.

Samsung and

Apple are both premier flagship smartphone providers that won’t let you or your small business down. Many people already own one of these devices, and like to keep their business mobile phone in the same family.

But if you are looking to branch out, don’t forget

Blackberry. Yes, they’re still very much in the game, having recently made the jump from keypad to touchscreen. Today, their DTEK60 model is considered the world’s most secure smartphone.

Then there’s Taiwanese phone manufacturers

HTC who are also rivalling the more famous brands with their high-quality designs and easy-on-the-eye prices.

The models below are all top scorers for quality design, value for money and security – and any one could even double as your personal mobile if – as many entrepreneurs – you like to merge work with life.

Here are the

Top 6 business mobile phones:






Samsung Galaxy S8

Android 6.0


12MP front, 8MP rear


iPhone 8

iOS 10


12MP front, 7MP rear


Samsung Galaxy C4 Pro

Android 6.0


16MP front and rear


iPhone 7

iOS 10

32GB, 128GB, 256GB

12MP front, 7MP rear


HTC One A9

Android 6.0

16GB, 32GB

13MP front, 4MP rear


Blackberry DTEK60

Android 6.0


21MP front, 8MP rear


You can opt to buy your handset outright, or pay it off monthly as part of your business mobile package. Just remember to check what rates you can get with your favourite provider, as they can vary.


Are you ready for your quotes?

Of course, the best mobile phone for your small business will completely depend on your needs and budget. But you’ll be in good hands with any of the above providers.

In a nutshell, for budget, you might look to Giffgaff. For coverage, it’s worth talking to EE. And for jaw-dropping customer service, you could always let Virgin Mobile take care of you.

But of course, to appear on our Top 6 every single one of the providers needed to pack a punch in all three areas, so you can rest assured your small business will be in good hands with any of the above chart-toppers.

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