Sebastian Vettel Critical Of New Formula 1 Safety Device During Silverstone Practice

SHOWS: SILVERSTONE, ENGLAND, UK (FILE 2016) (ACTION IMAGES VIA REUTERS PICTURES - EDITORIAL USE ONLY) (MUTE) 1. TWO STILLS - A HALO SAFETY DEVICE ON THE COCKPIT OF SEBASTIAN VETTEL'S FERRARI DURING PRACTICE FOR THE BRITISH GRAND PRIX 2. FERRARI MECHANIC EXAMINES THE HALO DEVICE STORY: New rules in Formula One will see the controversial 'halo' driver protection come into use next season. The halo is designed to shield a driver's head from debris and the danger of being struck by bouncing wheels, and some drivers - including world champion Lewis Hamilton - complain it will ruin the look of the cars. The device, with its central upright in front of the driver and overhead loop, has been compared to the look of the thong on a flip-flop beach sandal. Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel tested the halo during practice for the British Grand Prix in 2016.

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