Selena Gomez: Revival Is The Best Revenge


Justin Bieber Engaged Selena Gomez Revenge

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Justin Bieber did not propose to


Hailey Baldwin to get “revenge” on

Selena Gomez for dating

Caleb Stephens, despite a convoluted report.

Gossip Cop can bust the story. It is based on an entirely false premise.

After multiple outlets reported Bieber and Baldwin were only casually seeing each other, the couple shocked fans by becoming engaged. Now

RadarOnline is claiming to know the “real reason” he proposed, asserting it has “everything to do” with Gomez. The site alleges she has been “hooking up” with Stephens, the brother of her best friend, Raquelle, leading to a dispute with Bieber.

“Justin found out about Caleb in mid-June and he confronted Selena about it,” a so-called “insider” is quoted as saying. “But Selena denied that anything was going on because she didn’t want him to freak out.” Nevertheless, the blog contends Bieber discovered they were supposedly “hooking up,” and “freaked out and went absolutely ballistic.” And so, according to this narrative, he opted to get “revenge” by popping the question to Baldwin.

Alleges the specious source, “Selena’s friends all know that the only reason he got engaged to her was to get back at Selena.” The website’s purported tipster goes on to assert, “She thinks it’s hilarious that everyone assumes she is dating Caleb to get back at Justin when it is the other way around… Justin knows that Caleb actually means something to Selena and that is what makes him so angry.”

There is one rather significant problem here: As People has reported, >Gomez and Stephens are “not dating,” and are “absolutely only friends.” It makes no sense to claim Bieber wants to get “revenge” on her for a romance that doesn’t actually exist. And even if it did, the notion that he went as far as proposing to Baldwin, something that signifies a lifelong commitment, just to hurt his ex is a bit far-fetched.

As for the contention that the pair spoke about Stephens “in mid-June,” it was reported exactly one month ago, in mid-June, that >Bieber and Gomez have had “no contact.” More recently, just a few days ago in a story about >Gomez’s reaction to Bieber and Baldwin’s engagement, People confirmed that Bieber and Gomez “haven’t spoken in months.” No reputable outlet has reported anything about a recent conversation.

It also must be stressed that RadarOnline has no credibility when it comes to reporting on the former couple, particularly as it relates to marriage. In December, the online publication insisted >Bieber was going to propose to Gomez over Christmas. Of course, that never happened, just as

Gossip Cop said it wouldn’t, and they didn’t even spend the holiday together. Now the site is purporting to have details on Bieber’s actual engagement, but this flawed story isn’t trustworthy in the least.




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Source : https://www.gossipcop.com/justin-bieber-hailey-baldwin-selena-gomez-proposed-revenge-dating-caleb-stephens-false/

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