Sheriff: 3 Detention Officers Badly Beaten By Inmates In 2 Days


Three detention officers suffered serious injuries after being beaten by inmates, including one being Tased, in a span of two days, according to Maricopa County Sheriff Paul Penzone.

The most recent incident came Tuesday morning at the Superior Court Building as inmates were being transferred for court appearances.


Detention Officer Clinton Payne, a 12-year-veteran with MCSO, was attacked by a closed custody suspect.

Officials said the attack began after the officer uncuffed 36-year-old inmate Shane Tadlock so that he could use the bathroom.

Tadlock beat Payne and deployed the officer's Taser on him before being restrained by other detention officers.

Payne suffered facial fractures and was taken by ambulance to a hospital where he is being evaluated.

“We must always remember that every day our detention officers display a great deal of bravery in doing the essential work that protects the people we serve,” said Sheriff Penzone.  “We will hold accountable to the fullest extent of the law those responsible for injuring our staff.” 

Tadlock was scheduled to be sentenced Tuesday for convictions for armed robbery and possession of dangerous drugs.

Matthew Burow, Tadlock's attorney in the robbery and drug cases, declined to comment on the new allegations against his client.

The second incident came on Monday when Field Training Officer Thomas Touchet, an 11-year-veteran with MCSO, and Detention Officer Alfred Fuller, a 14-year-veteran with MCSO, were assaulted by two inmates while handing out laundry in a housing unit at the Fourth Avenue Jail.

The inmates, 39-year-old Jerrold Burnett and 23-year-old Jamaine Richardson, had to be restrained by other detention officers.

Burnett is housed at Fourth Avenue Jail for first-degree murder and armed robbery. Richardson is housed at Fourth Avenue Jail for several counts of armed robbery, aggravated assault, burgalry and threatening.

Touchet suffered a cut in his mouth and Fuller sustained a broken nose. Both are receiving treatment for their injuries.

Officials said MCSO Jail Investigations is gathering evidence from both incidents and once that process is completed, MCSO Custody Leadership will review internal procedures to see what they can learn from the incidents.

“Whenever Jail Investigations completes its review, we will work with the County Attorney’s Office to charge the inmates responsible. We have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior,” said Sheriff Penzone. “These incidents remind us of the dangers involved in the daily routines of custody and detention. It also re-emphasizes the importance of training, support, and back-up when something unexpected occurs. We are assisting our detention officers and their families through this difficult situation.”

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Sheriff: 3 detention officers badly beaten by inmates in 2 days
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