Sony Xperia XZ1 Review: Solid, Opinionated, And Lovably Flawed

I have been using Sony phones from before they were smartphones. I have a large family with a spread of cell phone makes so I can quickly see the pros and cons of various makes. The main things that I observed about Sony are

The best build quality. Compared to Samsung which ages to unusable within 2 years.

Very underrated specifications. I have noticed that Sony phones with "so called inferior specs" out perform Samsung phones with higher specifications

As an example the battery life on the Sony's are far superior for the size battery they use.

I have dropped my Sony's dozens of times, I had one screen crack (still functions to this day). Very strong and robust phones compaired to Samsung. Drop those once and it's a screen change as I saw with my kids (They are now all back on Sony). Never had a problem with my Z5 either. Still going strong.

In summary, if you want to get on with life low key and hassle free, buy a Sony. The most robust, stylish and best quality built phone in the world , I still have a working Z1 as a spare. Z3 landed in my pool and still going. Z5 has only been a pleasure.

On the negative side, up to the Z5 I was always dissapointed in the Sony cam quality compared to Apple and Samsung .From the Z5 it,s on par and in some cases better

And as for the big Hoohaa about the style not keeping up and the screen size and quality. Style is something you dont need to change every year, and go do a rea1 life comparison of the actual screen quality with other "superior screened" phones and you will quickly realize why I say Sony phone specs are conservative. There screens are of the best.

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Sony Xperia XZ1 review: Solid, opinionated, and lovably flawed
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