Star Wars: 20 Crazy Things Lando Did Between Solo And Episode 4


Charmer, smuggler, scoundrel, and general-- there are a lot of words to describe

Star Wars

’ Lando Calrissian. Billy Dee Williams didn’t just make history in Empire Strikes Back when he first appeared as Lando, the franchise’s first significant character of color. Williams created a character who has endured and become beloved for far longer than anyone anticipated.

Lando might not be an original member of the core group of Star Wars characters. Yet he’s still just iconic and loved as Luke, Leia, and Han. Lando is the fourth member of the quartet that no one knew they wanted but are damn glad that he does exist.

Lando’s popularity has only continued to grow. Williams, more than any other original Star Wars trilogy actor, has reprised his role of Lando over and over. Willaims has never kept the smuggler far from the minds of Star Wars fans.

Now with Solo: A Star Wars Story and Donald Glover taking over the role, a whole new audience has been opened to Lando.

However, despite his important place in the hearts and minds of Star Wars fans, there’s a lot that isn’t known about Lando. Solo told part of his story, but there’s so much more to the future general of The Rebellion. Lando’s past is full as many stories as his closet has capes.

So here are the 

20 Crazy Things Lando Did Between Solo And Episode 4!

20 Stole the Emperor's Flagship

Any Star Wars fan knows there’s nothing exactly subtle or quiet about Lando Calrissian. However, one of Lando’s most outrageous feats hasn’t made it into any of the movies.

In the pages of Lando’s solo series comic with Marvel, the smuggler accidentally steals the flagship of Emperor Palpatine.

Marvel’s first Lando series takes place sometime after Lando lost the Falcon to Han but before he ended up in Cloud City. During this time, Lando was way down on his luck.

He was in a hell of his making, as he’d lost a bunch of money in card games. (Perhaps because Han had stolen his hand Sabacc cheating device.) In any case, Lando owed a crime lord lot of money. So he made a deal to steal an expensive ship from the Imperials.

Lando’s theft of the flagship went off without a hitch, as the space yacht was in for repairs. However, obtaining the spaceship was only half the battle. Once on board, Lando realized that the ship belonged to none other than Emperor Palpatine.

Palpatine, unsurprisingly, didn’t take kindly to a smuggler having his hands on his stuff. The Sith sent an entire army after Lando.

This forced Lando to give up the ship but not before being able to (accurately) claim that he stole from the most powerful man in the galaxy.

19 Blackmailed the Rebels

Those who watch only the Star Wars movies are given the impression that Lando only started working with the Rebels during Empire Strikes Back and beyond.

Even in Solo, Lando speeds away before Enfys Nest and her proto-rebels made their deal to Han and crew. Yet Empire isn’t the first time that Lando has interacted with the Rebels-- not by a long shot.

In the animated series Star Wars: Rebels, which begins not long after Solo ends, a young(er) Lando appears. Sadly, this version isn’t voiced by Donald Glover (as Donald Glover wasn’t even cast yet). However, Billy Dee Williams does reprise his role as Lando.

This helps enormously, as Lando’s interactions with the Rebels and the way he “works with” them couldn't be much in-character.

Lando comes across the main crew of Star Wars: Rebels by classic Lando means-- during a card game. Lando ends up in a game with Zeb, a large alien who’s the muscle of Rebels’ cast.

During the game, Lando ends up winning the ownership of Chopper, the cantankerous droid who keeps the Spectres' ship, The Ghost, running. Lando promises to give Chopper back if the crew of The Ghost helps him with one teeny job.

Of course, things quickly go nuts and the crew of the Ghost runs afoul of crime lords, the Empire, and even Lando itself.

Rebels did rewrite Star Wars history in several ways but it's fantastic that Lando’s first encounter was the Rebellion was him being a selfish smuggler.

18 Hired and Fought Two Black Panther Warriors

Thanks to his solo movie, one of Marvel Comics’ biggest superheroes is King T’Challa, aka the Black Panther. Yet Marvel also added black panther warriors into the Star Wars canon in the Lando comics.

During Lando’s big heist to steal the Emperor’s flagship, he hires two alien warriors. The pair are two of the most interesting side characters of any Star Wars comic.

The duo was named Aleksin and Pavol. They were not only lovers, but genetic clones of each other. They were also literal black panther fighters, being aliens that appear (for all intents and purposes) like humans with the heads of a black panther.

Whether Aleksin and Pavol were intentional references to Marvel’s (human) Black Panther is something that will probably never be revealed. However, it is still interesting, especially since Aleksin and Pavol were introduced (by Lando) as being two of the best melee fighters in the galaxy.

This isn’t just typical Lando boasting either. Aleksin and Pavol showed off their fighting prowess throughout Lando’s solo series, fighting against Imperial Royal Guards and each other.

The pair also eventually turned against Lando. The betrayal wasn’t entirely of their own will. Aleksin and Pavol were being corrupted by Sith artifacts but Lando was no match for either of them, even after Aleksin had chopped off Pavol, his lover’s, hand.

It begs the question if Marvel’s Black Panther could beat Star Wars’ Black Panther(s). The answer is probably not.

17 Replaced L3-37

Lando’s personality is big enough that he doesn’t need any type of sidekick. Yet throughout his history, Lando has been known to come with some companionship, usually of a robotic nature.

In Empire Strikes Back, he is usually flanked by cyborg Lobot. In Return of the Jedi, he pilots the Falcon with Nien-Nunb.

During Solo, the SJW droid L3-37 is Lando’s co-pilot. In the middle of the rebellion on Kessel, which L3 starts, the droid tragically passes away.

L3 is caught the crossfire of a firefight and quickly shuts off. Lando is incredibly distraught over L3’s demise. However, it didn’t take him that long to replace L3 with another droid. (An act that probably would’ve aggravated L3 to no end.)

In Star Wars: Rebels, Lando has a new droid W1-LE, called Willie. Willie, like L-3 and C-3P0, is a protocol droid. Yet in personality W1-LE couldn’t be more different than those much more famous droids.

Willie was a very laidback and casual droid. It wasn’t nearly as high-strip as Threepio or as excitable as L3.

W1-LE did make his introduction in Star Wars canon before L3 was introduced in Solo. Yet it is interesting, in retrospect, that after the passing of L3, Lando found a droid that would never find itself in such a dangerous situation as the one that destroyed L3.

Maybe L3 was right about Lando's attraction to it.

16 Stole the Mindharp of Sharu

In Solo: A Star Wars Story, fans only get a small snippet of The Lando Calrissian Adventures and the outright lies (or embellishments) they undoubtedly contain.

Yet assuming all of The Lando Calrissian Adventures are canon, or at the very least Lando is claiming they’re true, this also means that Lando still did one of the most insane things of any Star Wars character.

One of The Lando Calrissian Adventures contains a story that leans heavily on the fantasy part of Star Wars’ sci-fi/fantasy world. It is called Lando Calrissian and the Mindharp of Sharu and it’s absolutely insane.

The broad outline of The Mindharp of Sharu isn’t that ouragerous. Lando hears word of the mystical and expensive Mindharp and flies off to obtain it. However, the story quickly goes to Crazytown after that set-up.

Lando Calrissian and the Mindharp of Sharu reads like Indiana Jones in the Star Wars universe if Indiana Jones was dunked in acid and other hallucinogenic drugs.

Lando and a crew delve into a pyramid where the Mindharp is located and end up traveling through several dimensions, illusions and all manner of weirdness.

They grow and shrink in size à la Alice in Wonderland. They also come under mind control from the harp and face a literal wizard (who was later retconned to be a Sith.) It's as wonderful as it is weird.

If Lando ever gets a spin-off movie, adapting The Mindharp of Sharu should be at the top of every screenwriter’s list.

15 Tried to Give Up the Smuggling Life

Lando is as charming as anyone or anything in the Star Wars universe. Yet no smirking or flirting can distract from the fact that Lando is an unrepentant smuggler and swindler.

Even as the leader of Cloud City, Lando was involved in some seedy deals-- and those don’t just involve giving up the life of his friend, Han, to the Empire.

Yet there was a period when Lando legitimately tried to go straight. (It just didn’t last very long. At all.)

Shortly after Lando lost the Falcon to Han, he decided to give up a life of smuggling altogether. As detailed in the animated series, Star Wars: Rebels, Lando tried his hand at being a “galactic entrepreneur.”

Using (criminal) contacts, Lando bought land on the planet of Lothal. On Lothal, Lando planned on setting up a mining operation using the planet’s resources for his own personal gain.

It was a mostly up-and-up operation. However, Lando wanted to get the mining equipment onto Lothal by going around the Imperial blockade that surrounded the planet.

This required a lot of smuggling, criminal behavior, and otherwise illegal activities. Rather than set up a legitimate mining operation on Lothal, Lando just doubled down on his criminal behavior.

You can take the smuggler out of the Falcon but you can't take the smuggler out of Lando.

14 Sold a Pilot for a Pig

By taking the droid Chopper and ransoming its life, Lando managed to get the crew of the Ghost on his side during Star Wars: Rebels.

Yet Chopper isn’t the only character of Star Wars: Rebels whose life Lando held in his hands like putty. Lando also sold the pilot of The Ghost, Hera, into slavery... for a pig. It was a very special pig, but a pig, nonetheless.

Lando convinced the crew of the Ghost to go with him to the ship of Lothal crime lord, Azmorigan. Lando led the Ghost crew to believe they were accompanying him to pick up some cargo. However, Hera was the payment for that cargo.

Without warning, Lando “sold” Hera into slavery just so that he could get his hands on a puffer pig. A puffer pig is a specialized species of pig in the Star Wars universe that is incredibly helpful in mining operations.

Lando intended for the puffer pig to be the linchpin of his Lothal mining operation.

Hera easily escaped the clutches of Azmorigan-- because she’s amazing and well worthy of her own Star Wars spin-off movie. She tricked the crime lord and quickly ran way to her own ship.

Lando claimed that he always had faith in Hera being able to get free… but he still sold her for a pig.

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13 Raised a Puffer Pig

Even though Lando’s methods of gaining his puffer pig were a little underhanded, he still got his hands on the animal. The puffer pig’s main function was to be used in mining operations.

This is because puffer pigs have a (disturbing looking) nose that allow them to sniff out minerals and other materials with ease. Yet there are other benefits to a puffer pig that have little to do with their nose.

As their name implies, a puffer pig can balloon in size. Like a puffer fish, when a puffer pig is confused or anxious it expands greatly. The puffer pig’s new girth can also be used as a weapon, by itself or others.

When Hera escaped from Azmorigan, the crime lord came after her. The Ghost crew and Lando ended up using the puffer pig as a battering ram to take out various gangsters on Azmorgina's payrolls. This is a clear example of animal cruelty but it was effective.

Eventaully, Lando’s mining dreams on Lothal failed. However, he did keep his puffer pig for a time. After Azmorigan’s forces were fended off and Lando was left alone, the smuggler and the pig had a rather happy existence on Lothal. When his puffer pig was kidnapped by the criminal Varluk Organization, Lando even went to great lengths to rescue her.

Whether the puffer pig survived to Empire Strikes Back is unknown, but let’s hope that after Lando’s mining dreams went belly up, he kept the pig as a pet.

12 Wrote Several Memoirs of His Adventures

Solo: A Star Wars Story didn’t add much of the old Star Wars canon from the Expanded Universe back into the story. Solo mostly strikes off on its own path when it comes to Han and the overally make-up of the galaxy.

However, the movie did confirm one surprising element of the old Star Wars canon, now called Legends. Lando wrote several memoirs of his adventures across the galaxy.

In the middle of Solo, Lando can be seen on the Falcon and dictating a story of a past venture. The tale that Lando describes lines up exactly with a trilogy of novels that were released in the 1980s called The Lando Calrissian Adventures.

The novels were written by author L. Neil Smith but were presented from Lando’s perspective as if he was telling the stories to an audience. This is exactly what Donald Glover’s Lando was doing in Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Lando’s retelling of his one adventure is interrupted by the events of Solo and the insurrection that Han and crew start on the planet of Kessel. However, it’s pretty safe to assume that sometime between the end of Solo and the start of A New Hope, Lando finished and released his memoirs to get a few extra credits.

Who knows if the stories are true, but Lando definitely pretended they were factual.

11 Slept With a Moff AND a Member of the Royal Guard

Lando’s romantic conquests are plentiful. After all, Donald Glover and one of the writers of Solo: A Star Wars Story are convinced that the smuggler identifies as pansexual. There’s no one or nothing that Lando isn’t interested in trying to bed.

However, Lando has played things pretty risqué when it comes to at least two of his galactic couplings. According to Lando, he’s been with both an Imperial Moff and a member of the Royal Guard.

The most famous Moff in Star Wars canon is Grand Moff Tarkin. The title sounds silly but it essentially translates to the governor of one sector of the Galactic Empire.

There’s no gender restrictions on who can be a Moff, although they are usually human. The Moff who Lando spent time with was a female named Ssaria.

Ssaria was a particularly violent leader earning the nicknames of “the Fiend of Castell" and "the Burning Moff." Yet Lando still used her and her affections towards him to pull off a heist.

When Ssaria found out she was being used, she nearly took the life of Lando, but the smuggler used his silver tongue to get out of it.

Much less is known about Lando’s conquest of an Imperial Guard. Yet when encountering two of the red-clad warriors on the Emperor’s flagship, Lando confessed to sleeping with one of their number before.

Lando implied that Imperial Guards are aggressive in all aspects of life, not just combat.

10 Met and Probably Tried to Sleep With Han Solo’s First Wife

Most Star Wars fans are aware of Han Solo’s second wife, Princess Leia and Lando’s interest in her. During Empire Strikes Back, Lando couldn’t make his romantic intentions to Leia any more well known.

Leia isn't the first (future) wife of Han that Lando has tried to pursue, however.

Few Star Wars fans know it, but Han was married before Leia and Lando was also interested in that bride. It is revealed in Star Wars' Marvel comics that during his smuggling days Han got married to fellow space swashbuckler named Sana Starros.

The marriage was fake and just a part of a larger galactic scam. Yet Sana and Han were definitely partners for a time, even if their relationship was (probably) platonic.

The relationship between Lando and Sana has yet to be shown. Lando and Sana haven’t interacted in the movies, the comics, or the current canon novels. Yet both characters have made it quite clear that they know each other. During Last Shot: A Lando and Han Novel, Lando comments on Sana.

According to Lando, of all the women to get fake married to, Han lucked out with getting “hitched” to Sana.

This makes it clear that Lando had romantic designs on Sana. Nothing probably came of Lando's desires, especially since its been hinted that Sana’s interests lean more female, but Lando almost certainly tried to hook up with Sana.

Whether he succeeded is a whole other (mysterious) manner.

9 Invested in a Theme Park

The Expanded Universe is a beloved, if now a defunct corner of the Star Wars canon. Yet no matter how many fans there are of the old EU, there’s no denying that it’s super weird.

Even though the various stories of the Expanded Universe never directly contradicted one another, there doesn’t seem to have been much quality control to ensure all the stories made logical sense.

This nonsensical nature relates to one of Lando’s weirdest tales from the EU. This adventure probably doesn’t currently exist in the Star Wars canon, but there’s also nothing to say that it doesn’t exist either.

Theme parks might seem like a completely Earth convention. Evidently, though, they do exist in the Star Wars universe and Lando had the misfortunate of investing in one of the deadliest ones.

During his days of a galactic entrepreneur, Lando invested in the planet size park of called Hologram Fun World. Using, of course, Holograms, the amusement park was basically the Disney World of the Star Wars universe-- well, if Disney World hosted secret experiments performed by Space Nazis.

Right before A New Hope, HFW was the site a secret Empire testing facility. On the grounds, the Empire was building another weapon on the grounds of the theme park called, “The Nightmare Machine.”

The building of the Nightmare Machine was disrupted by two young Alderaan refugees. However, Lando still had his money in a place that created literal nightmares.

8 Fought Off the Bounty Hunter Bossk

One of the stranger scenes in Empire Strikes Back is when Darth Vader hires a bunch of bounty hunters to go after the crew of the Millennium Falcon.

The moment isn’t bizarre because it doesn’t make sense for Vader to be trying to hunt the Falcon. Rather, it’s bizarre because these bounty hunters don’t do much in the grand scheme of the movie. They are there pretty much to sell toys and merchandise.

However, the lives of several of these bounty hunters has been expanded in other Star Wars stories, both canonical and non-canonical.

One of the most recognizable of these bounty hunters is Bossk, otherwise known as the one with the dinosaur head. Bossk might not do a whole lot in the movies but he does have an extensive résumé outside of them, especially in the Star Wars Legends canon. This includes hunting and trying to take down Lando.

Bossk ended up going after Lando shortly after the smuggler gained control of Cloud City. The previous administrator of the city among the clouds didn’t take too kindly to Lando stealing his gig, so he hired Bossk to track Lando down and take him out.

Bossk didn’t end up harming Lando--because apparently all famous bounty hunters are terrible at their jobs, not just Boba Fett.

Lando escaped Bossk and drove him out of Cloud City. He then proceeded to set up new security measures so no threat like Bossk could invade again… until, you know, the Empire took over.

7 Built Cloud City Off of Smuggled Goods

One of Lando’s biggest claims to fame is as the administrator of Cloud City. However, it’s never been explained in any of the movies (or TV shows) how exactly Lando built Cloud City up from nothing. It’s just known that Lando did turn the fortunes of Cloud City around, in a big way, once he took over.

The story of how Lando turned Cloud City around has been detailed in the current canon and the Expanded universe, in various novels. The method isn’t that hard to guess, either. Lando built the fortunes of Cloud City using crime and smuggled goods.

Lando was smart enough to keep his criminal enterprises away from the watchful gaze of the Empire. Lando’s Cloud City smuggling operation were all underground-- figuratively underground, of course. There is no literal underground in a city that exists in the clouds.

While Cloud City seemed shiny and pristine on the surface, it was built a crime, which is the perfect metaphor for Lando. Lando, as a character, is someone who seems charming and perfect from the outside. Yet, he’s about as corrupt as they come. At least that’s the case for him before Return of the Jedi.

Obviously, Cloud City’s origins are built from Lando’s own character but that doesn’t make the connection any less perfect.

6 Was Involved in a Fiery Train Heist

The first big action set piece of Solo: A Star Wars Story is Han, Chewbacca, and Woody Harrelson’s Tobias Beckett working together to pull of a train heist.

Lando isn’t involved at all with this theft. He enters the movie long after the heist is over and most of Beckett’s crew has died.

However, Lando was involved in a train heist of his own. He just happened to experience things from the other side. Lando wasn’t stealing from a train, but he was a passenger on a train that came under attack from thieves.

After his time spent on Lothal, Lando returned to the world of high stakes gambling. This resulted in him riding on luxury train on the planet Tyegin.

The whole purpose of the luxury train was to take its passengers around the planet and allow them to gamble to their heart’s content. This is exactly what Lando did, winning hand after hand of Sabacc while on the train. Lando cleaned his competition out but, sadly for him, the train was attacked by bandits.

These thieves ended up stealing all Lando’s winnings and setting the train on fire to boot.

Despite his best efforts, Lando didn’t manage to stop the thieves or get his winnings back. Lando was eventually saved by the Tyegin authorities.

5 Helped Han and the Rebels

Obviously, Lando eventually repented of criminal ways (mostly) and joined the Rebellion to fight the Empire. Yet, according to the Star Wars Legends canon, this happened before Lando betrayed Han during Empire Strikes Back and worked with Leia to rescue his old friend.

In the now defunct canon, Han enlisted Lando to help the Rebels right after Lando had lost the Falcon and before Han met Luke in A New Hope.

The reason why Han was interested in helping the Rebels is the same reason why he’s interested in helping the rebels in the original trilogy and Solo. Han had fallen for one of their numbers. Before Leia, Han found himself smitten with Rebel agent, Bria Tharen.

Bria is a lot like the Legends precursor to Solo’s Q’ira-- except that Bria didn’t turn to a life of crime. Bria and Han met on the planet Corellia and fell in love.

It’s through Bria that Han got wrapped into the Rebellion’s operations. Bria used Han’s feelings for her to gain his help with a Rebellion mission and Lando got roped in as well.

The plan went wrong for Lando and Han. They risked their lives and received no payment in return. This failed job caused their falling out and became the reason why they didn’t speak until Empire Strikes Back.

Bria, meanwhile, would later pass away working for the Rebellion shortly before A New Hope, which explains Han's pessimistic attitude.

4 Helped the Rebels Escape the Empire

Helping Bria and Han is Lando’s (probably) non-canon first example of working with the Rebels against the Empire. Yet there’s also a canon example where Lando showed a little bit of heart and helped out those who needed to escape the Empire.

Lando has two appearances in the Star Wars: Rebels animated series. The first encounter has been well documented in this list and is an example of Lando at his most selfish.

However, in Lando’s second appearance, he is a little kinder to the crew of the Ghost. This is maybe because he feels guilty for how badly he screwed them over the first time.

At the start of Star Wars: Rebels season 2, the crew of the Ghost is ready to move on from the planet of Lothal. Their only problem is that Lothal is under siege from the Empire.

To escape the Imperial blockade, the Spectres enlist the help of Lando. Lando doesn’t assist the Ghost crew entirely free of charge, though.

In exchange for three military grade shield generators, Lando sends his droid W1-LE to mask the transponders of the Ghost. This allows the ship to sneak by the Imperial blockade with the Empire unaware that the crew contains several Rebels, including two Jedi.

Lando is paid for his efforts but it’s still a pretty risky move for a character who, at that point, is extraordinarily self-serving.

3 Stumbled Onto the Emperor Being Sith

The Star Wars prequels did almost nothing to hide this fact from the audience, but in0universe it’s a huge secret that Emperor Palpatine was Sith. Palpatine’s devotion to the Dark Side was hidden from most of the Empire. The reason being that the common people learning their Emperor was a Sith would’ve caused more rebellion.

The Rebellion did try to expose the truth about Palpatine during the Civil War. However, their information was mostly dismissed as propaganda, without any real proof to back it up.

Long before he joined the Rebellion, though, Lando stumbled on a treasure trove of evidence connecting Palpatine to the Sith. He just didn’t care.

When Lando stole the Emperor’s flagship, he discovered a hidden compartment on the ship. Much like Lando had a room dedicated to capes on the Falcon, the Emperor had a room dedicated to the Sith.

Lando’s companions on his flagship heist were fascinated by the Sith artifacts and what the could mean about the Emperor. However, since Lando only cares about things he can sleep with or sell, the artifacts didn’t do much for him, personally.

It’s a perfectly Lando reaction. Yet it’s still interesting (and maybe frustrating) that Lando had the keys to dismantling the Emperor’s reign before A New Hope but did nothing with that revelation.

2 Won Cloud City in a Card Game

There’s a lot of real world references found in Star Wars. Darth Vader’s design has some obvious Eastern visual influences. Luke’s story follows the formula of the traditional Hero’s Journey, which began all the way back in Greek Mythology.

Yet one of the most prevalent Star Wars influences, despite its space setting, is the Wild West. Characters like Han and Lando are just cowboys in space. This includes the fact that most of their dealings seem to be determined by card games and gambling.

In Solo, it’s during a game of Sabacc, which is essentially Star Wars’ poker, that Han gains ownership of the Millennium Falcon. It’s during another game of Sabacc that Lando gains control of Cloud City.

In the current canon, the exact specifics of how Lando won Cloud City in a card game is unknown. It’s just a confirmed part of the character’s history that cards are how Lando became an administrator. In Star Wars Legends, though, the story is much more detailed.

Before Lando became the administrator of Cloud City, he had been gambling there for a long time. Eventually, he caught the attention of the current administrator, Dominic Raynor.

Through a series of high stake gambling rounds (and assist from Raynor’s own consort) Lando ended up winning the post of administrator from Raynor.

Lando, unsurprisingly, didn’t win Cloud City with completely fair methods. Raynor’s consort helped him cheat. However, the authorities of Cloud City recognized his win as legal and allowed Lando to set up shop.

1 Destroyed the Humanity of his Best Friend

The Star Wars saga is littered with a ton of intriguing and strange background characters. Few are more mysterious than Lobot.

Lobot is the bald cyborg, who appears to be wearing futuristic headphones, and follows Lando around everywhere in Empire Strikes Back. In the movies, Lobot is an automaton. He shows no emotion or feeling. He just stomps around and points.

In Marvel’s Lando series, the secret history of Lobot is revealed and it’s incredibly tragic.

It turns out that Lobot wasn’t always the unfeeling robot that is seen in Empire Strikes Back. Lobot used to have a lot more humanity and gumption. He wasn’t quite as charming as Lando but he was rather quick-witted and quippy.

However, Lobot was in constant conflict with cybernetic enhancement, as they struggled to take control of every part of his body.

During the Lando comic, Lobot eventually falls victim to these cybernetics. On an adventure with Lando, Lobot becomes grievously injured. As Lobot is about to pass away, his cybernetics wrestle for control.

Eventually, they win over completely, when Lobot uses his last bit of strength to allow himself and Lando to escape a life threatening situation. Through Lobot’s sacrifice, Lando lives to fight another but Lobot becomes an unfeeling robot, having even less personality than the average Star Wars droids.

This backstory puts Lobot’s admittedly goofy appearance in a whole other light.


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