Sunday: Hili Dialogue (and Baby Leon Monologue)

Well, the lovely weather we had yesterday in Dobrzyn was ephemeral: today—Sunday, September 10, 2017—it’s back to chilly temperatures and overcast skies. But at least we had a lovely visit in the country yesterday with Leon and his staff (see below). Today is National Hot Dog Day, and there’s no better dog to be had anywhere than the Chicago-style dog, which even has its own entry in >Wikipedia. You should memorize the nine essential ingredients in a proper version:

  1. Vienna Beef dog in a natural casing (provides a toothy snap). Vienna Beef makes quality dogs with real cuts of beef
  2. A Rosen’s poppyseed bun
  3. Mustard
  4. “Sport peppers”: small hot pickled peppers
  5. Tomato slices
  6. “Green relish” (sweet pickle relish)
  7. A dill pickle spear
  8. Onions (I prefer mine sauteed, which is acceptable)
  9. Celery salt



NO KETCHUP! Some Chicago dog emporia won’t even put ketchup on your dog. Wikipedia says that the fully-loaded dog can be ordered as “dragged through the garden”  (referring to its preponderance of vegetables), but I’ve yet to hear a a local use that phrase. The good thing about the Chicago dog is that you get your meat and veggies in a single item.

If you’re in Chicago and want the best dog, eschew the overpriced but famous places like Portillo’s or Byron’s and head straight for the source: the Vienna Beef factory itself on Damen and Elston, which has a cafeteria for workers which visitors are allowed to patronize. There you get your franks straight off the production line, and prepared by pros who know how to serve them.

But I digress. It’s also World Suicide Prevention Day, with an estimated 3,000 people killing themselves every day. That’s way too many, but not near the figure given in the song “(Don’t fear) The Reaper” by Blue Öyster Cult (1976): the only only heavy metal song I like—and it’s a good one.  I always assumed the lyric “40,000 men and women every day” referred to suicides, as it follows a line about Romeo and Juliet, but that’s more than a tenfold overestimate of suicides. It cannot, however, refer to the number of deaths every day, which is about 152,000, at least in recent years.

On September 10, 1776, Nathan Hale volunteered to spy on the British for the Continental Army. He was of course captured and hanged at age 21 with the apocryphal last words, “I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.” (Given the circumstances, the misplacement of the word “only” can be excused.) On this day in 1823, Simón Bolivar became President of Peru. On September 10, 1960, the Ethiopian Abebe Bikila won the Olympic men’s marathon in Rome, not only setting a world record but running the 26 miles in bare feet. Here’s his win:

Finally, on this day in 2008, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) went online at CERN near Geneva. With a tunnel 27 km in circumference, it’s surely the world’s largest scientific experiment.

Notables born on this day include Henry Purcell (1659), Carl Correns (1864; one of the rediscoverers of Mendel’s work), Arnold Palmer (1929), Roger Maris (1934), Jared Diamond (1937; he’s 80 today), Stephen Jay Gould (1941) and Bill O’Reilly (1949). Those who died on this day include Mary Wollstonecraft (1797), Huey Long (1935), Felix Bloch (1983) and Jane Wyman (2007). Meanwhile in Dobrzyn, Hili is enjoying a Japanese cat snack sent by Hiroko:

Jerry: Do you like this Japanese treat? Hili: I get the feeling that they added something to this one exclusively for Japanese cats.
> In Polish:
Jerry: Lubisz ten japoński przysmak?

Hili: Mam wrażenie, że do tej porcji dodali coś wyłącznie dla japońskich kotów.

 Coincidentally, the Leon monologue also features one of Hiroko’s cat snacks, for I brought two of them to the Dark Tabby on a visit yesterday. He ate them with gusto:


Leon: Oh, Jerry! At last! I’ve been waiting for a whole year for these Japanese cat snacks!


(In Polish). Leon: Och, Jerry! Nareszcie! Cały rok czekałem na te japońskie przysmaki!

Here are three tw**s found by Grania. Skunk rescue! (I may have posted it a while back.)

This guy was on his way to an important meeting when his commute turned into a skunk rescue ❤️

— The Dodo (@dodo) September 8, 2017

A beautiful Bengal (I’ve since found that they digitally change the color of his eyes):


— 土屋アソビ (@wtbw) September 8, 2017

And ciliates glistening under polarized light:

#Ciliates in polarized light it's like #Christmas in a petri dish🎄 #protozoa #unicellular

— Audrey Dussutour (@Docteur_Drey) September 8, 2017

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Sunday: Hili dialogue (and Leon monologue)
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