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SMITH: Last time we talked, you mentioned a couple of videos you were proud of: the Wrapsol video where you won a $1,000 prize, and the LG G Flex scratch test video. But now that it's four years later, are there any newer videos under your belt that you're particularly fond of?

BROWNLEE: There's different reasons to be proud of different projects, so I'm more proud of certain videos because of what we were able to accomplish within them. So one video that comes to mind is the Smartphone Awards video, which was something we'd done every year since four years ago.


This year, we made actual physical trophies for each of the category winners. It was more of a novelty thing for the video itself, and it was a lot of fun to do and to present the awards, but interestingly, after that video went up, one by one almost every single one of the smartphone manufacturers who won an award for the phone they made that year actually had someone personally reach out and ask for that hardware.

BROWNLEE: We sent Samsung their best award, we sent Essential their award, we sent Razer their award, so a lot of them actually ended up sharing that with their followers, and I thought that was pretty cool — that they actually reached out and were proud of winning that award. That whole Smartphone Awards project was definitely a lot of fun.

And I guess the others are just notable appearances in videos of people who were cool enough to spend their time working on an MKBHD video: Craig Federighi from Apple, who is essentially head of hardware for Mac. I had Google CEO Sundar Pichai in a video at Google I/O. So those are also really cool to have.

SMITH: You're not going to mention Kobe?

BROWNLEE: Oh man. See, that was three years ago but you're right, that's also between now and then. Having Kobe doing an entire video with me was awesome. I'd love to do that again, that was legit.

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