T Mobile's JUMP! On Demand Program To Begin Charging Down Payment On Base Model Phones

Heads up, T-Mobile customers, because it looks like there’s a JUMP! On Demand change coming next year.

T-Mobile has revealed that starting in August 2018, base model smartphones will no longer cost $0 down. T-Mo currently asks $0 down for devices like the 32GB iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S8, but one year from now, that’ll change.

In addition to this down payment, T-Mobile notes that you may be subject to an upgrade fee. “$25 SIM starter kit or, in stores & on customer service calls, $20 upgrade support charge may be required,” says the fine print on T-Mobile’s website.

T-Mobile explains that it’s making these JUMP! On Demand changes because of “the rising costs of superphones.” T-Mobile recommends EIP or BYOD for customers that don’t like the JOD changes that’ve been announced.

The JUMP! On Demand program recently underwent a change that allows customers to upgrade once every 30 days compared to 3 times per year before, so it’s not all bad news regarding JOD lately. Still, some T-Mo customers could be frustrated about having to make a down payment for base model phones after being used to paying $0 down, especially if they do upgrade to new devices frequently. At least T-Mobile has given its customers a heads-up about the JOD changes one year before they go into effect.

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Source : https://www.phonedog.com/2017/08/11/t-mobile-jump-on-demand-down-payment-base-model-phones

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