TPO Mobile Customers Left With No Phone Service In 4G Switching 'chaos'

The chief executive of TPO Mobile has admitted to that the company's move to 4G has caused some switching problems, but only in a very small number of cases.

Mark Epstein said high demand for 4G since the provider started offering the service last month led to some number transfers taking longer than usual.

He said TPO understands the “significant inconvenience” caused to customers, adding that the issue has now been resolved for most of those affected.

Earlier today, reported on the switching “chaos” that had left hundreds of customers waiting weeks without their phone numbers.

TPO launched a 4G service last month and started migrating its existing 2G and 3G customers onto new deals.

The MVNO also started using Three’s network for its mobile services. It previously used EE.

But some customers encountered long delays between activating their new SIM and their old phone number being ported across, leaving them unable to be contacted.

Customers also complained about TPO’s handling of the situation, saying that calls to its customer services department were not answered and that the provider’s online chat option was “nearly always off”.

Mr Epstein said: “Since launching 4G, there has been a significant demand from customers wanting to switch over and we have experienced an unusually high number of customer contacts.

“As a result, some customers have had to wait longer than usual to get through to an agent on the phone, we have alternative online contact options which are regularly repeated while waiting on the line.

“For 240 people their number transfer took significantly longer than usual, we endeavoured to keep these customers informed through regular communications.

“While customers had use of a temporary number, we understand the significant inconvenience caused by the delay and our team did all they can to resolve the delay as quickly as possible and we’re very sorry for disruption to their service.

“The issue has now been resolved for almost all that were affected.”

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Comments (3)

Sam Dimblebee26th August 2016

This is absolute rubbish. I was trying to port AWAY from TPO and there was NO way of contacting them, whatsoever. Which alternative contact options is Mr Epstein referring to? On calling customer services, a recorded message was played and then the call disconnected. Online chat was always off. Emails were routinely disregarded and tickets closed without warning. Social media was abandoned. I sincerely hope that Ofcom open an investigation into this shambles and that TPO are heavily fined.

Gregory Kohs25th August 2016

If you want a truly ground-breaking journalistic report, simply ask TPO Mobile this question:

"Your business model is based on the allure of charitable giving, so please provide the amount of money that TPO has donated to charities, versus the amount of money that has been paid to the company's top 5 paid directors and employees."

You'd be amazed.

MyAnxiety24th August 2016

This response shows a continued lack of acknowledgement of the poor service by TPO during migration process. I am incensed by the comment 'Since launching 4G, there has been a significant demand from customers wanting to switch over', as existing customers had the choice of either losing their account and credit or switching, what did he expect to happen.

What i really want to know is what will happen to all the lost credit from accounts were people just didn't bother, or gave up with the switch, especially those who were using a 2g service and this switch was of no use.

The complete lack of communication to customers, when TPO knew they intended to CLOSE existing PAYG accounts is outrageous

Makes me question whether they actually make any donations to charities, I know they have a £50 limit they have to reach first.

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