TPO Mobile Customers Left With No Phone Service In 4G Switching 'chaos'

Hundreds of mobile customers being migrated to new 4G deals by their provider have been left without a phone service for weeks, has been told.

TPO Mobile, previously known as The People’s Operator, signed a contract with Three in November to use its network and launched a new 4G service last month. It had previously used the EE network.

TPO gave its 2G and 3G customers a simple choice – switch to a 4G plan or cancel your service.

But for many, the migration has gone far from smoothly, with some customers being forced to wait more than three weeks for their phone number to be transferred to a new SIM.

Customer service problems have only added to the frustration for those left unable receive calls and texts.

Customers have reported hour-long phone calls that are not answered, emails and Tweets being ignored and comments on TPO’s Facebook page being deleted.

Brendan Ratcliffe, a TPO customer from Derby, activated his new SIM at the end of July but had to wait 25 days before his number ported over.

In that time he spent more than 10 hours trying to speak to TPO, including hour-long, unanswered phone calls and online chats that got him nowhere.

He also missed a dentist appointment and a planned kitchen fitting was delayed because nobody could contact him.

'Absolute chaos'

“A mass migration of numbers hasn’t worked, it has been absolute chaos and TPO has failed to communicate with customers in order to reassure them.

“It has been an abject lesson in how not to [deal with this type of thing], they have simply buried their heads in the sand.

“We live in a communications age and this has been an omnishambles.”

Mr Ratcliffe said that when he finally did receive communication from TPO, the company claimed customers were partly to blame for the problems as many had failed to activate their new SIMs before the 27 July deadline.

He said in previous dealings with TPO he had found it to be a “strange company” and that its customer service operators were “sheepish, not confident”.

“They clearly work on a skeleton staff and I’m guessing it works ok as long as nothing goes wrong.”

He added that at times he feared he would lose his number forever and is now planning to switch providers.

Emma Louise Curry, from London, said the problems started for her when she lost her phone in July and ordered a replacement SIM from TPO.

“Once I had a new phone and tried the SIM in my phone, it didn’t work, nor did it work in any other phone,” she told

'Angry emails'

“When I called TPO to ask for a new SIM to be sent out they told me they were unable to do so because they were moving over to the 4G network.”

TPO eventually sent Miss Curry a new, blank SIM and told her she would need to choose a new 4G tariff.

“So, when the new SIM arrived I activated it and asked them to port my old number over,” she said. “This is when the real problems began.

“I was told it would take 24 hours. It took two weeks. In which time the temporary number of the replacement SIM also became inactive, essentially making it impossible to contact me.

“I could not receive calls or texts and the network was so slow, I could only receive notifications for emails or apps if I opened the app and waited for it to load.

Miss Curry said she phoned TPO twice and was unable to speak to anyone despite waiting on hold for over an hour, while the provider’s online chat option was “nearly always off”.

After her number finally ported, Miss Curry had had enough and decided to leave TPO – but faced another battle to get a PAC code so she could take her number with her as she couldn’t get hold of TPO via phone, email, online chat or Twitter.

After another lengthy wait, Miss Curry did eventually get a PAC code – and after sending “angry emails every day” has been refunded £50 and told she won’t be charged for July.

“This was all over the course of 5 weeks and was the worst customer service experience I have ever had the displeasure to endure,” she added.

A number of customers have taken to social media to complain about the service from TPO.

@TPO @TPOuk When I asked for my PAC code to go elsewhere they told me that they have lost my number!!

Absolute disgrace.

— Conor Graham (@conorgraham23) August 7, 2016

Some questioned why Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, who joined TPO in 2014 as co-chair of the board, had stayed quiet on the matter.

Any statement from @jimmy_wales on #TPOmeltdown? Seems many, many people (incl. me) are having huge problems w/ service @TPOuk

— Michael Folkerson (@mfolkerson) August 16, 2016

TPO has yet to formally acknowledge the problems being faced by its customers, although it has responded to some individuals to apologise for "the inconvenience and delay in getting back to you", saying the company is "experiencing a high volume of calls" and is doing its best to speak to everyone. has approached TPO for comment.


Mark Epstein, TPO's CEO, said: "Since launching 4G, there has been a significant demand from customers wanting to switch over and we have experienced an unusually high number of customer contacts. As a result, some customers have had to wait longer than usual to get through to an agent on the phone, we have alternative online contact options which are regularly repeated while waiting on the line.

"For 240 people their number transfer took significantly longer than usual, we endeavoured to keep these customers informed through regular communications.

"While customers had use of a temporary number, we understand the significant inconvenience caused by the delay and our team did all they can to resolve the delay as quickly as possible and we’re very sorry for disruption to their service. The issue has now been resolved for almost all that were affected."

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Comments (5)

Jack Preston26th November 2016

I had months of similar grief.I have signed up with someone else and now issued them with a small claims court summons for my lost credit and inconvienence/time . My time has no less value than their employees . If they can pay them .they can pay me

george grace28th August 2016

Omnishambles doesn't do the catastrophic failed of this company justice. No agents to spark to, two did sim cards, answering questions using 'politi-speak a and now chasing me for payment for a service they are not providing. I do feel for the caused that will lose out due to customers migrating from them.

gary 26th August 2016

I firstly lost a contract of employment worth £800. As my phone was unavailable. I ended up on the wrong bundle also had emailed them to state this. Supposed to be changed plus compensation. In less than 1 month I have been billed 36.00 they now want the same again and my phone id barred again. Not happy. How csn you incur this much in a week

Duncan26th August 2016


What is Mark Epstein TPO's CEO on about "...issue has been resolved for almost all that were affected"

I returned from holiday seven days ago to find my son's phone had no network. I checked the mail i received from TPO from 4th July and that is not at all clear to indicate the 3G network would be switched off. Nevertheless, I proceeded to order 4G sim, which arrived very quickly (very positive service).

Unfortunately, as I had no 3G network, the PAC code [I suppose was sent] could not be received, so proceeded to then register the new 4G sim with the new number provided. 5 days later, I still have no network and despite sending two online messages, an email and now trying the phone (yes, I bit the bullet to go for the wait of between 20 and 40 minutes.... currently at 55 minutes) I am still unable to get hold of TPO to discuss.

4G sim is registered 4G sim is inserted into phone I have money in the account I have purchased a 4G network plan I have changed the apn name I HAVE TURNED THE PHONE OFF AND ON

I just spoke with customer service team (60 mins on hold) and had a very calm chat with the lady at PTO who was helpful. Seems that it could be something wrong with the sim so will send a new one out.... i will have to ring back to ensure we can switch that over correctly... another 60 min wait in a couple of days: JOY!

This is undoubtedly an abysmal switch.

Will be looking to cancel this account (and make sure my original account ) are cancelled and not another penny reaches TPO. I will continue to donate to the good cause that I allocated to them (which I already support).

K24th August 2016

My wife's mobile number was lost on 14th July without any notice.

The network became "no service" suddenly on the day, and she needed to order a "replacement" SIM. TPO stated in their website that the replacement SIM come with her number, but it came with a new "temporary" number with no credit at all. After waiting for almost a month, they sent her an update email saying they lost her number. They gave her a "Goodwill" credit of just £25 for the loss. What a joke. She's now switched to giffgaff which is far more reliable and the signal is a lot better.

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