Taming The Dragon: Can The United States Salvage Its Superpower Status In Asia?


International strategic think-tank the RAND Corporation has made a comprehensive assessment of US military capabilities in the face of an increasingly unstable world.

To do this it has analysed the outcome of extensive war games conducted by itself and other institutions, and assessed published reports on the capabilities and strategies of the key players.


It finds the US woefully unprepared.

“In an increasingly interdependent world, US security and prosperity depend on the ability to influence actors and shape events beyond our borders. Arguably, no region is more significant for global prosperity and stability than the Asia Pacific,” it reads.

The significance of the region was recognised as early as George W. Bush’s presidency, and culminated in President Barack Obama’s declared ‘pivot’ to Asia.

But the ability of the US to exert that influence is waning.

And the potential for conflict in Asia is growing.


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Source : http://www.news.com.au/technology/innovation/taming-the-dragon-can-the-united-states-salvage-its-superpower-status-in-asia/news-story/b33d16cac36b19235fc46c4b15b36745

Taming the dragon: Can the United States salvage its superpower status in Asia?
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